8 comments on “IMPLAUSIBLE ?

  1. I believe it. I have seen videos of people that fed crows having trinkets dropped off by them from time to time. It was amazing. The more I read about your grandmother, the more I think how lucky you are to have her. Can she adopt me? 😉

    • For grandmother women younger than her are all referred to as daughter or
      grand daughter- she adopts them in her heart.
      Speaking of crows reminds me of a crow that took up residence a few years ago,
      became something of a pet and always had an opinion to offer.
      He was something of a joker as well as he delighted in filling the hounds
      water bowl with rocks till it contained nothing but rocks – they would
      chase him around if they caught him in the act but he would alight in the
      nearest tree and mock them.
      They are very intelligent and apparently have a sense of humor as well.

      • Good! Tell hr she has one more! As for the crows, they are much smarter than most people think. It’s funny, we have always respected nature, but when you start taking pictures, you realize all the things you never took notice of before. I think many things are more intelligent than we know. Have you ever read The Secret Life of Plants?

      • Will do – I’m aware of the book but never read it, if I
        run across a copy I’ll check it out.
        One of the benefits of photography if a person does
        something more than point and shoot is an increased
        awareness and how things relate in the larger picture.
        People will see a bee for instance and not really see
        that it is pollen laden, what has attracted it or what
        is focused on and why.
        A little off topic but I just finished a book titled
        Cloudsplitter by Russell Banks – it’s about John Brown
        the abolitionist and a great read.
        Recommend it if you run across a copy.

      • I had never heard of that book and looked it up. Sounds like something I would enjoy reading. Thanks! Rebel Guy has read The Secret Life of Plants three times now.

      • The style it is written in is the narrative of one of Brown’s sons
        and works to such a degree as to make it difficult to put the book
        I’ll be on the scout for Secret Lives.

  2. Plausible… since you asked.

    This is great. You sound like such a perspicacious (intensely aware of everything) child.

    The two fish is amazing. Not only for you but for the fish. That they were so close to each other when caught. How do we know fish cannot feel love.

    I have another river story for you R. – involving a gold ring my grandmother gave me at 13 & the water in Lake George (upstate NY) taking it off my finger the very same day & the significance of that I found out later in my people’s tradition. But I’ve taken up too much space in your threads. So maybe I’ll tell it later… Maybe not to the whole planet on second thought!

    I’m starting a fight now. I think those who observe & most importantly interact w/ their surroundings are the ‘rational’ ones. With the modern English language we are forced to use English language terms & English language beliefs & English language thoughts. And that can change our perceptions & subvert our beliefs. So I think your grandmother & mom & you are the ‘rational’ ones in this telling. (I say in ‘this telling’ to leave the door open in case I want to call you an ‘irrational’ lunatic on another occasion).

    I wish we had a photo of you at six here. So sweet!

    • There is a time and place for rational thought as well as one for thinking
      outside the box – language definitely has the ability to either subvert or
      Language has it’s nuances, a nuance that varies depending on the language
      and culture – the reason why grandfather will not speak any language but his
      He’s more than capable of doing so but refuses as a matter of principle, a
      victory in his eyes I believe considering what he has endured in his lifetime.
      Should some emergency arise where he would have to speak English he would, but
      if one doesn’t he isn’t.
      I’ve never questioned my “rationality” though I’m sure others have.
      No such picture exists, though somewhere there is one of me at about two years
      old or so sitting with a puppy in my lap looking for all the world like Mowgli.

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