1. Beautiful. I thought they may be Leopard Lilies. Only those have pointed petals I think… Or are you referring to something else w/ ‘leopard’?

      • So it’s got nothing to do w/ the type of flower. Where are these flowers shot? Or will telling that ruin the rezinating mystery of it all. The rezounding sacredness. The rhyme & rezon.

        Hope you are not within the area on fire now in Montana. Prayers.

      • I am obliged to not reveal the process as passed on to me
        by legendary alchemists – revered figures throughout history
        with secret handshakes and signs.
        I have posted a full color photo of the same with no digital
        manipulation in a previous blog though the title of the blog
        escapes me at the moment.
        It’s one of grandmothers flowers taken a while back and has
        nothing to do with the species – the “gatherers” are big on
        flowers and they abound in and out of the vegetable garden
        which involves all family members.
        No threat of fires in proximity – the term gatherer is used
        affectionately and received as such.

  2. What kind of camera are you using?

    If this is not a secret.

    I have a beautiful Pentax 35 mm SLR manual/automatic (which is brilliant) c.1982 (& no longer made). I was winding the film (film was this thin sheet of emulsified plastic Children… It had perforations in the side which guided it & when exposed to light…) & this atom sized screw went flying off of it. So the winding mechanism is broken.

    The thing is – after repairing it – I may want to donate it.

    I was talking to a water protector (Lakota. I can tell you his name privately) in the midst of those battles when they were asking for everything under the Sun; about donating my grandmother’s old 1949 Singer sewing machine; because it’s like an ‘industrial’ model (which he asked about); in that it sews through multiple layers (high presser foot) & is all metal w/ a strong motor. So it sews tarps & tents & jeans etc. (unlike new flimsy plastic machines).

    This gent told me to donate it to Pine Ridge & gave me their contact info. (via text & still in my phone).

    Your thoughts Habibi? On both – camera & sewing machine.

    • I have a Sony a6300 mirrorless I did some bartering (work) for,
      and my first mirrorless that’s maybe four or five years old, a
      Sony Nex 7 I also bartered for, plus an older Pentax Spotmatic
      slr film I acquired in like new condition and have kept it that
      I posted a photo a while back, actually some time ago of vintage
      lenses I use with adapters and on the Pentax – about a dozen
      of them over the span of a few years, in calculating the cost
      it came to around a hundred dollars.
      All my camera gear was either bartered for or picked up cheap
      at yard sales and the like, or came from somebodies closet
      I won’t offer an opinion about who to donate to but there are
      a number of options, one being if repaired you might consider
      shooting a little film yourself or in being a “pauper” a collector
      or film shooter would probably be interested in the Pentax.

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