1. I had an experience that reminds me of this in Woodstock NY. (Catskills Mountains). I was sitting in the cemetery w/ a friend & a mother skunk walked right by us w/ all her babies trailing behind. My friend was a Vietnam Vet & told me he had spent a lot of time in the jungle making himself invisible in this exact manner. We were both so completely calm & quiet she didn’t percieve us as a threat. Thank God. As nobody wants to be sprayed by a skunk.

    That must have been what happened to you. You were so still & sleeping. Or perhaps there are people there who feed deer (?). They will get quite used to people then.

    I have had this effect on domestic dogs. People have said ‘Be careful of my dog.’ or ‘My dog’s not good with people/hates people.’ & then their dog was completely fine.

    Then again I have also had to switch seats & drive people’s manual transmission cars for them because they couldn’t keep from grinding the gears & stalling.

    It’s the same thing. Lol. Gear whispering. Dog whispering.

    A few years ago I was walking in the woods & saw this beautiful coyote. I tried to run after it to get a better look but it was very fast. And obviously frightened of people. Then I was just laughing at myself – asking myself why I was chasing a coyote.

    On the topic of returning things; my very young neighbours proudly showed me a baby salamandar they had discovered in a stone wall or in some rocks. I was *begging* them to show me where they got it so I could return it. I didn’t know if it could survive on it’s own at that age. But they were so young (& not raised w/ the kind of obedience I was) that they never showed me exactly where they found it. So I put it against a wall & prayed that it had learned whatever it needed to so far to be on it’s own. Since it’s not a mammal perhaps it doesn’t matter. Is there a herpetologist reading?

    My friend Lynn convinced me to steal some jewellery from a little cubbyhole in Kindergarten. My mother asked me where I got it & made me return it to the teacher & apologise. It’s sort of the same story as yours aside from the ancient vs. synthetic aspect; as my version took place in an abandoned Cold War Nike Missile Site (man made caves) that had been turned into a kindergarten. And my talismanic object was a delicate mass produced chain vs an ancient totemic handmade object…

    Can you remember exactly what it looked like? Do you think it was jewellery? And by that I mean meant to be worn on the body vs. not meant to be warn.

    • I was miles off the beaten pass and don’t believe the doe was the product of a petting zoo – I tend to think she wasn’t familiar with people and the harm they can do so I wasn’t perceived as a threat, maybe more of a curiosity due to the fact she was young.
      I encountered a young rabbit like that once, walked right up on him and he wasn’t in the least bit afraid – on his own and old enough to know better, posted a blog about it a while back with a photo or two.
      Lot of raptors in the area and I remember thinking he needed to wise up a little if he considered longevity desirable.
      I believed the piece I found was some form of jewelry at the time but it may have been part of something else – never seen anything else like it but it was undeniably the result of a deliberate effort and the markings were distinct symbols, not gnaw marks from having been chewed on by rodents etc.
      Skunks are a trip and basically fearless as they know they carry the ultimate doomsday weapon with them, one of the hounds can attest to that, still unusual for them though to nonchalantly parade by with their young.
      Had a child ask me once if skunks know they smell? Another question might be do they think people smell?
      The dynamic between the fourleggeds and human’s is changing, in recent years coyotes have become something of a common site it cities like L.A. etc as habitat is encroached upon and pressure increase – more than a few cases of them actually attacking people in the wild, something previously unheard of.
      Missile sites and kindergartens, there’s a social commentary in that.
      I’m inclined to believe that with all the selective breeding of dogs and the manner in which people have attempted to humanize them plus being confined in a house for many as a way of life a lot of dogs are becoming neurotic, too dependent – I’ll take a mixed breed outdoor type over others ten out of ten times.
      They are after all animals, they don’t build houses, have “weddings”, hang on a phone, shop for Gucci, drone on about the Kardashians or any of that – better to have respect and let them be who they are gnawing on bones, digging holes, and chasing whatever captures their attention.
      I can’t help but smile at the thought of people walking behind their dog with a glove and plastic bag to clean up after them – understand the concept in cities but it kind of strikes me as whose having the last laugh, in some cases where the dog may have been a gift a gift that keeps on giving.
      Maybe that explains dog walkers.
      And so you’ve reformed and no longer heisting jewels from kindergartens – credit where credit is due.Thinking there may be a career opportunity as a security analyist in that.

      • This comment of yours was mysteriously never sent to my email. I wonder if you are suddenly blocked by WordPress. That happened to me w/ two other blogs in late 2016. I noticed they weren’t being sent so went into WordPress & they were still listed but switched off despite I never did that. So I switched them back on.

      • I’ve had no issues with wordpress and think they do a
        standup job especially since I use the free version.
        I seem to be a spam magnet but wp does an excellent
        job of identifying spam I’ve not some commercial
        sites attempt to circumvent that by “following”, when
        they in turn aren’t followed they rescind their follow,
        works for me.
        It may be that I haven’t replied to your comments in
        chronological order all the time as a word or two will
        catch my attention and I’ll go with that one.
        Since some of my replies are out of order I have to
        hunt and peck through all the comments to find one I
        may have just approved as they appear in the thread.
        On an occasion or two in the past I have hit permanently
        delete by mistake, maybe a subconcious decision related
        to trolls but haven’t recently that I know of.
        I usually use a text editor for a reply that will be more
        that a paragraph or two and then copy paste.

      • PS: I just checked my WordPress settings & there is nothing listed as blocked; but none of my comments to this last post of yours are listed on the (WordPress) comments page either. An answer I left to someone on a NYC history blog today *is* on there. (& obviously I was sent the comment first from them – since I answered it).

        So maybe this is on your end? Lol. I know an Orthodox priest who would say ‘This can only be the work of the Devil!’

      • I’m not inclined to attribute all negative occurrences to negative
        forces, often enough it’s merely the result of some oversight, settings,
        or other something obvious that is overlooked.
        My settings remain as they have been from day one when I began the blog
        so I have no concerns about that, but double checking.

      • PS 2: I was wrong; there are no comments listed on there after 11 September – three days ago. But some comments came into my inbox from other WordPress sites this morning. (UK re.Palestine & NYC re.history). None of this makes sense to me. Can you help sort this – since you are on there?

      • I’ve had people tell me recently they discovered a comment of mine
        in their spam bin, and someone else told me that may have something
        to do with the length of a comment though I’m not sure what role that
        would play.
        You say in a comment I’ve yet to get to that you’ve checked your wordpress
        settings, I’m assuming you have a wordpress blog/site?

      • No Rez it’s not you (see my PS & PS 2 in this thread). Worpress has no comments after 11 Sept. (Today is 14 Sept.). Nothing for other blogs either. (I am cheating on your blog). But I got two comments sent to me this morning/today from other people but not yours. I only accidently saw your earlier comment when I left one. And since then – between running around doing things – I came back on my phone to see if things were magically sorted. They’re not. So I have to log on to each page of various blogs now & refresh them to read anyone’s comments (*mind drifts off to simpler times….*). I can’t just see comments in my email anymore.

        Bye! I’ve decided to move to the Holy Qadiysha Valley in the mountains of Lebanon & pray my black wool rope all day & wait for people to bring me food. So sick of *technology* sometimes….

      • Offhand I’d say it’s something on your end, your email provider
        perhaps as I am receiving your comments on this end and if that
        is works it doesn’t make a lot of sense that you wouldn’t receive
        email notifications.
        Re stationary if you’re of mind to you can send an email address
        in a comment that I won’t post and I in turn can send you mine via
        If you’re not comfortable with that I understand – if you have more
        than one email add you might try switching them when you comment.

      • No Rez – I don’t have a WordPress blog. (Or as I prefer to call them ‘bogs’). For example I can’t *like* people’s comments unless I create an account. (I tried it for a lark once but didn’t want to create another password & Orwellian bread crumb trail to me).

        However even without doing that you get a *sort* of account after subscribing to people’s blogs. There is a page that lists blogs subscribed to & another that lists dates of comments & a ‘settings’ page which would say if something was blocked but not cancelled. At the bottom of every post sent via email one can tap ‘manage settings’ which brings one there (or ‘unsubscribe’).

        (I hope some IT person from WordPress is reading this).

        That was a joke about the “Orthodox priest” & “the Devil” Rez.

      • I was just looking through the comments and see multiples dated after the 11th
        that are appearing on the blog they were directed to.
        As to breadcrumbs they are created every time you turn on your phone, text, or
        use email.
        There’s a free downloadable by the name of Signal that encrypts everything
        on your phone- simple, easy to install, and rock solid – “free” email accounts
        extract a heavy cost via data mining and tracking, a worthy solution is tutanota
        as an email provider that offered free.
        Best way to the surf the net, the most private with no cookies etc is either
        Startpage or Ixquick – both free and highly rated by privacy advocates.
        Any device using Android is a favorite target of hackers, lot of security
        weaknesses and holes – there’s fixes for that in the form of certain apps,
        security suites, and also by “rooting” the device.

      • Commenting to this as an example – it isn’t a response that necessarily
        requires one in return – so it might be something I wouldn’t reply to,
        which wouldn’t means I hadn’t received it.

      • Don’t you have my email address already? Because on the Lebanese blog I post on I asked in a thread for him to give my email to an Israeli (& they asked also) so we could discuss people trying to save my indigenous Aramaic language & the blogger did. It’s also a WordPress blog. Also my brother’s HS classmate has a community blog for our hometown that he can do that with. (Also wordpress).

        Fine for the email Rez. But that doesn’t sort the blogging. I am still waiting for the sweeter than sweet Rebel Girl to answer me. You can cut & paste comments from the blog & send them separately via the email address. (Joking there).

        Goodbye cruel blogosphere…

      • I do have your email but never assume or presume unless a request is made.
        And couldn’t tell you what it is without looking, not something I commit
        to memory though I can tell you the measurement of a board I cut a month
        I don’t ask people for any personal information, if they volunteer it
        that’s their decision.
        I personally volunteer none following an incident or two during the blog
        days of battling AIM that led to some concerns among the gatherers who in
        answer to your question who should circumstances dictate have the ability
        to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” but are neither “faeries”,
        or cellphone polymer nailed mavens eschewing such things as a matter of
        choice with feet planted firmly on the ground of tradition.
        If you notice I may reference something as a person said etc – I don’t
        call them by name, the exception being AIM related.
        I may reference something said in email but won’t say who said it.
        When I posted the Peltier inner sanctum emails I mentioned previously
        I deleted the accompanying contact information but not in my external
        and they weren’t something only I had and may well have been posted
        elsewhere by others.
        As I said previously I’ve attempted multiple time to post on pro AIM
        and Peltier sites and never made it through the gate – that was a deliberate
        blocking by those at the sites.
        I did comment on the ROL – Russell’s so called Republic of Lakota site,
        started out doing so generically but my intent all along was to raise
        the issue of Annie’s murder and once I did I was shown the door along
        with some others who had picked up the coup stick alongside me – which
        I expected.
        In the world of speculation re comments it could be the thread we were
        commenting on became long and something automatically kicked in – I get
        spams that are lengthier than you could imagine – hundreds of words, and
        that may be part of a spam identifier for all I know though I’ll contact
        wordpress and ask about it and your failure to receive.
        Can’t speak for rebel girl but she and her husband are good people.

      • I have an iPhone not an Android. But it’s an old iPhone 4 (I have a new phone but haven’t set it up yet – because I’m still transferring things as I don’t want to put them in cloud).

        So because it’s so old it’s been able to be hacked by some person named Carlos who has a drug arrest record. So far I have gotten calls from his rehab place & his friend wanting to sell me a pit bull (or that was him) & another friend asking me if I am married (or that was him). He calls people w/ my hacked number & then LOL! they ring me back asking for “Carlos”.

        At first I thought it was people calling someone’s old number. Then last month when a woman called & I told her she had the wrong number – she said “You called me.” And I said “No I didn’t.” Obviously my phone is hacked.

        Lol. Carlos’ friend – or Carlos himself? – rang me again & I said “Listen I am a brown girl & I do not want to send a brother to jail – so please tell Carlos I know it’s not an old number scenario & I know he hacked my phone.”

        And probably Carlos is reading all my human rights emails etc. Nothing to hide because don’t bank or pay bills etc. on line. Hope he’s learning a lot about Palestine etc. He’s probably still hacking my phone; because we always look out for the brothers though they don’t always look out for us.

      • This tends to confirm my opinion that the issues are your end,
        if you don’t have a security suite on your phone you should,
        there are several specifically for phones that are free and do
        a decent job.
        iphones are noted for being more secure than others but an additional
        layer can’t hurt, and you should be careful about clicking on things
        as you browse the net or access emails – sometimes the trick is the
        click not the contents.
        If you don’t have a security suite you need to get one even if you
        have to pay which would minimal.

      • “response… requires one in return”

        Ya Habibi the trouble is not w/ my expecting an answer to every (or *any* comment).

        The trouble is some mischievous Jinn (animist spirit in Arabic) or Poltergeist (spirit that enjoys playing little harmless tricks) took hold of my WordPress ‘account’ (or ersatz account).

        So when I came on here the lovable Rebel Girl’s comments were here but hadn’t been sent to my email like all WordPress comments do & also for your comments. I saw them here only when I left one. Then I looked in the ersatz WordPress account that is not a real account & no comments were listed including for OTHER blogs for the last three days.

        Anyway the Jinn & the Poltergeist (& perhaps whoever is your trickster spirit) have obviously had a good laugh at my expense & are now having a nap or something (hiding people’s keys) – because a stream of your & other emails just got pushed up through my phone via those little windows as I write this.

        Now my head hurts… headache… lol…

      • I never open links in my email Rez. It happened because this iPhone came out in 2011 or thereabouts. (*applause* for it lasting since 2013 when I bought it). And also I never bothered to keep updating it. I don’t do anything financial etc. online. And I am not from a culture that puts *things* in photos/video/film or writes about anything that I could be robbed or blackmailed about/for etc. They can knock themselves out reading emails about the bombings of Lebanon & Palestine… Berlin & Dresden… Maybe they will learn something. I have a separate credit card for online shopping. They don’t make you pay for false charges. And I no longer use it since Carlos set up camp at the bottom of my garden.

        Hey Carlos…

      • I just looked at the comment from you that I received in my email inbox & it was from the Rivers/Healing thread. There are still none there from this thread. (And Rebel Girl’s would be sent also Rez even if she didn’t answer me. Everything in the thread gets sent. That was my only point earlier). Also I just received another comment from another WordPress blog.

        So I’m not sure what’s going on. Anyway just know I can’t see your replies unless I go back periodically & look for them. I will miss the Rezinater in my inbox. And you are free to retrieve my email on file should you wish. I wonder if I will get your future posts. Or if those will stop as well. Maybe you can just cut & paste the entire blog & send it to me separately via email (joking).

        Lastly that sounds like a nightmare – the harassment after telling the truth about AIM.

        Maybe polymer nails would actually be good for fighting off potential attackers.

    • In my last comment asking you if you can tell us more about the object you found – in the last sentence I typed “warn” when I thought I meant to type “worn” again. Maybe it wasn’t a typo but rather a speaking through from whoever made it. Since certain things are ‘worn’ to ‘warn’ – avert *evil* & *illness* etc.

    • Well, thanking you for saying so, it may be that I don’t just
      remember things as words but as pictures I can pull up as well.
      If I say for instance I remember a beautiful flower I’m not just
      remembering that I saw it as that at the time but am able to see
      it again as though it is front of me.
      I don’t know if it’s the same for others or not just kind of the
      way it is for me and might be a little difficult to explain.

  2. Before reading this post of yours & around the same time I left a comment (responding to your earlier comment about paint on faces & horses; in response to mine about how we had ashes -?- under our skin) in the thread that is turning into a lengthy open thread – about the black kohol we wear on our inside lids & surrounding the eyes. Including how we put in on babies & men. (Lol. Probably we did do the actual application on our brothers fathers grandfathers husbands – since they’re still not great at that sort of thing). That was another thing appropriated from us. As it’s now worn as ‘eye makeup’ & goes in & out of fashion.

    After I got done posting that (my ethnographic mini-dissertation on talismanic face painting for Arabs) I saw the title of this new post of yours.

    It would be interesting to know from people if anyone else across the world rimmed their lids w/ soot as we do to prevent blindness from the Sunlight bouncing off the lid into the retina & protecting against *evil*. I’ve never seen it from anyone else. For example the Inuit had the thing made of bone they wore over their eyes w/ slits in them. Some (one?) Roman historians wrote that the Germanic tribes rimmed their eyes w/ something ‘blue’. I know Lebanese (Phoenician Canaanites) wore powdered lazuli (blue stone) & malachite (green stone). The blue on the top lid for Sky. The green on the bottom lid for Earth. That was for protection also. For example before Jezebel the Phoenician Lebanese Priestess of Baal (Adonis/Tammuz) was murdered their bible describes her as taking the time to ‘paint’ her face & eyes. Which she would have done before journeying by boat over the rivers leading to the underworld. (Cave still there in Lebanon).

    Lol – years later Protestants used this biblical verse (& other statements against our indigenous jewellery & dress in there) to tell people Jezebel was a ‘loose woman’ (whatever that means to them) vs a Priestess & that therefore contemporary women should not wear makeup or jewellery.

    I wonder if any type of masks the world over originally had this function of preventing Sunlight from causing blindness? I’ve only seen this early form of eye protection from us & the Inuit. Aside from wide brim straw hats which for example our people (Phoenicians) had in our N.African city states & are still worn there (by Kabyle etc.) & at home in South West Asia. (Inc. parts of Arabia). And of course in Latin America. But I mean something that is worn directly on the eyes.

    • As counter intuitive as it may seem easy to overlook the
      obvious at times – like the person looking for their
      glasses when they’re setting on top of their head.
      I walked into my mother’s house once and for some
      unknown reason threw the keys to my truck in a waste
      basket – some “freudian” statement I’m sure some might
      say and we looked for a time before finding them and
      then laughed about it.
      I think the most likely scenario was I set or tossed
      them on a counter and they fell off – anyway that’s
      my story and I’m sticking to it as it doesn’t lend itself
      to larger questions.

      • There are trickster ‘spirits’ ‘beings’ that hide things; for a laugh or to protect us from something bad. For example if hiding your keys kept you from an accident down the road. Inshaallah. My German side of family calls them: Poltergeists (meaning literally ‘noisy ghost’ – which is playful & loving vs what people think from that horror film) & my Arab side: Jinn. We can’t see them.

        I believe in them… but if you wan’t I can believe your “counter” story also. (‘Counter’ having two meanings here!). They can do this w/ confusing a person also; without an object necessarily being lost.

        That said we (Arabs) deliberately put mistakes in things – embroidery & carpets & anything made – to throw off/ confuse evil. We shouldn’t fly too close to the Sun. Should not be perfect in creating. It’s done traditionally.

        Back to trying to have a life outside of this blog… disappears under the waters again…


      • Well, the counter story has had certain advantages for me but I
        leave it to others to decide, and may begin a new explanation now
        in saying if I make a mistake in my work I did so deliberately.

      • “… may begin… saying if I make a mistake… I did so deliberately.”

        Ahlan wa sahlan! (Welcome. Literal words say: Family + Plateau. Meaning: You are amongst your family now & no longer have to tire yourself walking). Lol…

      • *And I am going to pretend that that is the reason for all my typos as well. Such as spelling the word ‘want’ above: “wan’t”. Throwing off evil. Lol…

      • Jumping back and forth between comments, emails, and posting a new
        blog playing catch – in time will get to all.
        I believe typos have become a distinct language – another story I’m
        sticking to.

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