1. This is truly heartbreaking that nobody ever bought her flowers before. Especially as from the sound of her she must have fallen in love in her life. Here’s a poem re. *that * – that I wrote awhile ago. I have had the opposite problem! The hollow flower giver’s betrayals! The liquid gazes & ghosts of other women who leave their luminescent breadcrumb trails hoping to be caught. Perhaps her experiences were thus better than mine!

    You sound like a true Gent (but after I post this I am still going to curse repeatedly at you for addicting me to this blog. I have piles of paperwork & research & a bathroom that needs cleaning & fridge that needs defrosting…).


    When the ax falls on childhood
    I pour out
    and stain souls
    writing on them with sharp lessons

    I am confusion
    I am deception
    I am the Sixth Tarot
    I am Balder & Baal sent to the Underworld
    Pierced in their side
    By Hodr’s mistletoe & the Wild Boar
    I am the Sun who rules the Day
    which cannot last
    I am the most romantic
    I am suffering’s Owl navigator
    The sextant of misery
    The map of ruin
    I am Persephone’s twinned longing
    Loathe & Love

    Desire comfort but never find it
    Desire understanding
    but never receive it
    Desire Strength without cruelty
    but never know it

    I wake them with hope in the morning
    And put to bed in tears at night

    I am Love
    Maidservant to Frigga
    Lighting Fires in people’s hearts
    and snuffing them

    None can guard against me
    Warrior nor nun

    I can make a cruel man gentle
    And a gentle man cruel

    – Written 19 October 2010

  2. Forever Young was written & recorded (1973) by Dylan (AKA Robert Zimmerman from the North Country vs the poet from Wales) & released in 1974 on his album Planet Waves.

    Rod Stewart ripped off that song & altered it a LOT (as he does everything) in the 80s; but it was still similar enough that he had to pay him royalties.

    More importantly; there was some kind of connection between Dylan & AIM (?) on his Rolling Thunder tour. I’ve forgotton; but my former boyfriend was there. He knew those people (Dylan etc.) before that though. (Through Richie Havens). Maybe it had something to do w/ Peltier? I’ve forgotten. I was a Bowie & Eno fan then; so was not paying attention to Dylan. And had not met the boyfriend yet. Perhaps some Native musicians performed w/ him (?).

    Rod Stewart is a cover artist who sanitises every song he performs. The originals are always a thousand times better. Like ‘Downtown Train’ by Tom Waits – for one example. If you haven’t heard the original ‘Forever Young’ by Dylan – perhaps you want to have a listen.

    I have a deadline for something on the morning of the 21st. So as I wrote earlier I should not be on here now. Lol. This is now my official procrastination destination. (AKA refuge). The ‘deadline’ may possibly be the worst thing the modern industrialised world inflicted upon us. Were seasons & days not enough? I am hiding in the trees here… shhhhhh…

    • I’m a Dylan fan but sometimes the nasal twang gets to be a bit much,
      I really like the sound track he did for the movie Pat Garrett and
      Billy the Kid.
      I prefer Stewart’s version over Dylan’s due to the way his relationship
      with the child is portrayed in the video.
      Like Waits but sometimes think he really is Renfro.

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