1. “Immigration isn’t the problem in this country it’s unbridled greed and the
    cronyism that exists between corporations and government.
    It’s the dance about the separation of church and state while attempting to
    insert religion into government and have Jesus as portrayed by the biblical
    ravening wolves rule by fiat.” <——–

    I have much to say, but almost everything I want to seems taboo these days. It is very frustrating when laws are passed to prevent truths being told. We should be able to be vocal when it comes to policies or what is happening around the world. Now, you can be accused of hating, if you are not hating, you can also be labeled and red flagged. I gave up blogging about it. I wish I had more of a back bone. One thing I do think, nothing going on in the world today has anything to do with helping or saving innocent people. It is exactly what you said above.

    It seems that there is no line when it comes to greed and corruption. It's everywhere.

    • In the end it is about what resides in the heart more than
      the spoken word – words or the lack of them may not adequately
      define a person, but what is in their heart and what they do
      will – I’d say your heart is in the right place.
      If a lack of meeting political correctness expectations in all
      things is to be interpreted as a some social flaw I nonetheless
      embrace if speaking a truth is to be considered flawed.

      • I say my peace in my personal life, just not on-line anymore because things can quickly get interpreted the wrong way. But I am glad you do. I did for ten years, Didn’t have it in me anymore. 😦

      • There is an element of deliberate strategy at times to wrongly
        interpret that can not only be frustrating but intentionally
        misleading – other times it amounts to little more than an
        innocent misunderstanding, but the way of the net and trolls
        is to blow everything out of proportion.
        A respite is needed at times and why I post photos and childhood
        memories at times – while I believe we are all obliged to address
        issues in the manner we choose life is about a lot more than doom
        and gloom.

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