1. Agreed. The decades long dispute and the way Palestine has and is being treated, I wonder how so few people actually know what is happening. Why? Has anyone ever looked at an historical map of what it once was, and what it is now? Not to mention how they are living on a daily basis. I am not a hater but I do not like the policies that continue to allow this to happen.

    It probably happens to other people as well, we just don’t know about it. Why does the media go on about entertainment and celebrity crap and say nothing important? Issues that mean something. I shake my head.

    • I’ve found that some foreign media outlets are more
      credible and provide better coverage, and I like
      sites like the Guardian, Mother Jones, and those
      who fact check.
      Outlets like Fox”News” are nothing more than conservative
      propaganda sites that wouldn’t know or care about a fact
      if it bit them in the a**.

      • 🙂 I mostly read foreign news online to get real news. I don’t even bother with ours except for our local news. Nothing is relevant anymore. Force fed what we should think or know. Our government funded station (CBC) had amazing documentary style programs but we are being told they should not be funded and their budget gets slashed more each year. It seems having two sides to a story doesn’t matter much anymore.

      • Once the “news” became a profit generating entity it went downhill.
        Now it’s about corporate ownership, the political ideology of ownership,
        and carefully coiffed and cultivated “celebrity” reporters/anchors
        for cults of personality whose only “talent is reading from a prepared
        script and the ability to facial express an appropriate expression
        while reading from a script.
        If you’ve heard Don Henley’s song Dirt for Dollars it describes the
        “news” perfectly.
        PBS is despised by conservatives here, they don’t want a penny of tax
        money going to fund it while falling all over themselves to provide
        funding for pork barrel projects their cronies can make a buck from.

      • I love Don Henley. Had to look it up, never heard that one, all I could find were cover songs. Liked the lyrics though.

      • I’m a Henley fan, he doesn’t like the idea of people listening
        to his music without paying for it and gone the lawyer route to
        insure at least some of his songs aren’t on yt on elsewhere.
        Done a lot of good songs like End of the Innocence, I Will Not
        Lie Down(?) and All She Wants to do is Dance.

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