3 comments on “ANNIE OKRA

  1. You were right. It is really beautiful.

    There is no such things as a ‘weed’. Only wildflowers & plants.

    In Lebanon & Syria & Palestine etc. when women (trad.) & men ‘weed’ their gardens – it is of various wild herbs that many people have to purchase or grow intentionally in their gardens in the States & elsewhere.

    In Germany my mother used to collect chamomile (German chamomile) outside Berlin. And there was another flower (forgot the name this moment); the whole head of which my grandmother dipped in batter & fried for breakfast.

    Can these flowers be eaten or just the rest of the plant? It reminds me of a child’s pinwheel!

  2. I would grow it for the flower alone. We were surprised how nice the flowers were when we grew potatoes this year. Love the story behind the title. 🙂 I can just picture you trying not to laugh when he was talking without dentures. 🙂

    • Was confusing at first until I understood – he used to tell me about
      television series he liked – I remember him telling me once about
      “Krojack” – didn’t know til some time later he was taking about Kojack.
      Had never seen it so I didn’t know any better.

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