8 comments on “RACISM

  1. “Ted Cruz, yeah, there’s someone whose every word is to be taken as gospel.” Umm, yeah. A majority of Americans DO take every word he speaks as gospel.

  2. Well, that was impressive! I have always been so careful about what I say because I worry people might think something other than what I mean. I don’t understand how not agreeing with policy in any country means I don’t like the people in it. It was news to me. I don’t agree with many things my government does, it does not mean I don’t like the people or citizens that live there. It’s absurd. Maybe I should take your post to heart and stop being so afraid to speak out about things that matter. You’re awesome!

    • I have to admit I was more than a little fired up when I wrote and posted
      it, and should there be any misunderstand I’d like to reiterate that I meant
      every word of it.
      There’s a time and a place for what has become political correctness but
      it should never evolve to the point where a person can’t just have a normal
      conversation with a friend or even a stranger they meet in a coffee shop.
      Over the top word and thought police had a significant role in Trump
      becoming president, something of a backlash – the irony is that now
      we have a president with diarrhea of the mouth stoking the flames of
      nationalism on steroids, division, and racism.
      Isn’t like it should be a surprise, anyone with the intelligence of a
      four year old should have known better, should have known what was coming.
      And so like the song says “way down we go”.
      Diversity is essential among any species if it is to remain viable, that
      doesn’t speak to supporting what is indefensible, what it means to me is
      I’m not going to become another brick in the political correctness wall
      if some effort isn’t made to achieve and maintain some sort of balance.
      And I’m not going to allow anyone to put words in my mouth or say I meant
      one thing when I meant another.
      I happen to like an occasional cupcake or Twinkie, words that have been
      employed in a negative manner – does that mean we should drop those words
      or should the intent define?
      Yeah, I know – a Twinkie?
      If I happened to go to a store with someone who thought the word twinkie
      was offensive and wanting to purchase one being the reason I went to the store
      should I stumble around attempting to describe what I want or just say give
      me a damn Twinkie?
      Better stop here before I begin ranting if I haven’t already.

      • I work in construction and have heard every racial slang word there is for everyone. When I first started in that industry, I was in shock. They fling words around like that all the time. Funny, because not one of them will swear around me, if they slip, they even apologize.
        People laugh at me when I say my dad’s family is French/Indian. I have freckles!

      • Too their credit if they will apologize, all too often
        flinging words around is the way of it, an habituated
        behavior not restricted to any particular vocation.
        I knew a metis girl who had freckles.

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