21 comments on “VERTICAL FARMS

    • There are undeniable realities to face like population increase, demand,
      the loss of arable land, climate change, and a variety of others with
      few alternatives.
      I hope the day never comes when I cannot turn a spade in the garden but
      the world is much larger than my personal orbit.

      • It is. I’d still rather eat food from a traditional garden nutrition wise, but there’s some huge benefits about being able to use space like this, and create fresh food where it can not be grown easily locally. I grew up in a place where I would of welcomed this very much. It was almost impossible to find fresh veggies during winter.

      • I agree re a traditional garden but in thinking about it in every city of any size there are vacant and abandoned buildings from large warehouses to malls that would be ideal for such an operation.
        Additionally since the retail price of nearly every product or consumable is linked to the cost of distribution this should in theory address some portion of that.
        I say theory as the cost of fuel going down has not been reflected in pricing in stores.

      • Yes, I agree 100%! Like I said, growing up in a place that was too cold to do much farming, vegetables was a treat. I would of undoubtedly loved to have access to the produce of these vertical gardens. Definitely a great, positive way to produce vegetables in some areas.

  1. I have seen those around the web, a great idea! I am sure the big guys will find a way of becoming part of that picture. Just like buying up most of the seed companies.

      • I know, I have the list on my old computer. The things to avoid buying list and it is long!

      • I used to be heavy into research and would blog about stuff like that and politics. My old computer is full of gems like that. 😉

      • Readers should go through this list checking off which any of the
        products they use and then make a determination based on their
        personal values whether or no they will continue to.
        The Supreme Courts mandate is to interpret and rule on cases based
        on their Constitutionality though I doubt that has been the way of
        it and why political parties are so eager for the opportunity to
        appoint one or more new Justices.
        An example is Clarence Thomas who was once an employee of Monsanto
        and has ruled favorably in every case brought involving Monsanto
        brought before the Court.


      • Thanks for the link, I bookmarked and will read it later tonight. I love that kind of stuff, linking people to companies, legal entities, government. I considered it a hobby! 🙂

      • I just read that. Ever notice when you write about Monsanto you get trolls that try to question every aspect of what you are saying, looking for anything they could possibly use against you legally? That happened to me several times. I was never stupid enough to state anything but pure fact. You can’t be charged for that.

      • I never take anything on the net at face value when it comes to such things – if it’s something of interest to me I will invest the time to “do the math” as I always encourage others to do.
        That means if a troll wants to mount a challenge I’m able to chapter and verse them, and when that ability exists they either wind up looking like fools or decide to take their bs elsewhere.
        Other than spammers the trolls I’ve had to deal with have been in the majority related to positions I took about AIM and Peltier, none of which hung around long save for one and we had some epic
        The intent of trolls is to wage a campaign of attrition believing that in time a person will just give up, and it doesn’t matter if anything they have to say makes sense as their intent is to frustrate and create confusion.
        I’ve heard the I’m going to talk to my attorney thing a time or two and my response is to be sure to download the entire contents of our exchanges to print out and give to them so they can properly advise you.

      • I remember when I first found your site, many years ago and made a note not to piss you off! (For real) Even though I did not agree about LP. (You know why I didn’t at the time) 🙂

      • I think it’s important to meet people half way but I’ve
        also learned that if you won’t stand your ground there
        are people who will take that as permission to run over
        you so I return what’s given to me on the net or in
        the day to day.

      • Agreed. I finally learned to stand up for myself once I reached middle age. Before that, I was such a pushover. It was sad.

      • That’s an important lesson for not only adults but children as well
        to learn, not to be aggressive or combative but to stand their ground
        if the need arises.
        As a side note I’m going through the external looking for photos
        taken with “the Beast” and will post a couple when I find them,
        my “filing” system leaves a lot to be desired.

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