20 comments on “7 DAYS, 7 PHOTOS CHALLENGE – DAY 7

  1. Perfection! Thanks so much for taking up the challenge! It was great to see your choices. I love this picture!

      • I could be wrong with dates, I am horrible with that. Would you say you took it about six to eight years ago? Because I remember a picture of yours like this with more landscape on the bottom. That was one that made me want to get into nature photography.

      • Forgot to tell you we got Adobe Photoshop CC. Wow! What a great program. Had to get a new laptop to run it though!

      • You’ll be cooking with gas now as the possibilities are
        infinite – there’s an associated learning curve as with
        most things but there are a huge number of tutorials on
        the net and dozens if not hundreds of books.
        Making notes of steps you take as discussed previously
        may stand you in good stead as well.

      • We have been watching a bunch of videos. I will switching my computers over the weekend and want to post some of my old pictures maybe dumping some onto the new one to play around with.
        I have been using it here and there. It looks like it will be fun!

      • I wanted a Mac so badly, but it was more than we could afford because we are having our roof done. Honestly, I hate the new one. It is laggy. I need to get rid of all the start up things that are not needed. Some program keeps making picture albums for me and I can’t figure out what is doing it.
        I don’t like all this cloud stuff, but I think I need it? Windows 10 is new to me.
        It runs Adobe PhotoShop without crashing though. It is an Asus X541U. Not happy, but it will do for now.

      • I know a couple of people who own an Asus and they seem content,
        but you’re right about the plethora of needless, senseless bundled
        startups – the best solution in my opinion is to adopt the scorched
        policy related to them.
        Something you might consider is to determine the maximum amount of RAM
        your laptop will handle and if more than currently installed add more,
        can and will make a notable difference.
        Manufacturers will sometimes lie about the max thinking it will lead to
        the sale of new upgraded comp, but truth of the matter is most will run
        more than factory specs without any issues.
        My older iMac is rated by Apple as a max of 16mbs, truth is it will run
        32mbs with zero issues – haven’t done that yet as it runs everything I
        use but if I ran across an eight or couple of eights I’d jump on them
        and replace a four or two fours.
        Historically that’s been my approach and others I know when coming into
        possession of a comp – upgrade the memory new or used.
        Lot of people into the “cloud”, saves HD space etc but I avoid it as well
        and why I have an external HD – something you might want to consider.

      • That is what Rebel Guy said. To upgrade. I found a list of things to uninstall but for some reason, I don’t see those things listed in my program manager.
        I will just keep searching what people are getting rid of.
        We do have an external HD. I will dump some stuff onto it. Maybe transfer some photos. I will be a while yet. But I will work it out.

      • Your Asus will take 12mbs – Asus attempted to get cute by burying
        the memory cards in a place that requires removing the keyboard and
        motherboard (that strategy to induce upgrades I mentioned) but not
        difficult and can be accomplished in fifteen minutes or so.
        There’s a freeware program for pc by the name of privazeer I’d recommend,
        use it on a weekly basis or so to remove the build up of junk and if
        not mistaken has an uninstaller that will sniff out all programs.
        If not there are several others like Ccleaner that are also freeware
        that will do likewise.

      • Thanks, I tried another cleaner like that and it came up with no suggestions. Go figure! I deleted it. 🙂
        I will try the one you recommended. Thanks!

      • One thing about PCs are the number of freeware programs
        available – some are very good and there are freeware
        force uninstallers for the most stubborn ones.
        You could even try a trial of the better known ones.
        Have to drop the mic now but will look in again later.

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