5 comments on “BIG UN

  1. I read from my reader and had know idea this was coming up after my comment on your other one! Ours were more triangular at the front. That one in your picture looks like a monster of a camera! Is it yours? Never seen this before, on wheels? Or it is attached to it?
    It looks cool anyway!

    • It’s attached to a monorail that in turn mounts to a tripod,
      the “wheels” serve both as a crank to move it back and forward
      and to lock down in position.
      Comes with a fair sized rectangular case that’s easily mistaken
      as a piece of luggage.
      There’s a large viewfinder with grids on the back and a slot to
      insert what are basically film plates.
      What’s kind of neat about it is that you can contort the bellows
      if desired something like an accordian – and yes a barter acquisition.
      I’ve been thinking about building one out of wood – there are kits
      available but I’d rather do it sans a kit and just pick up the
      mechanical components if I could run across or fabricate them,
      could make the bellows.
      I have a couple of nice pieces of bird eyes maple that would do the
      trick and look nice.

      • You can make them out of wood? I am going to youtube that one. I doubt I would make one that worked, but one that “looked” like it works would be fun to do!

      • A huge number were originally made out of wood and there are companies making them today for what seems like a reasonable price in most instances – biggest expense I believe would a quality lens – I’d
        go with a quality vintage lens but others might prefer something
        I’m pretty sure either you or your husband would be capable of
        making one and they’re a hoot to operate.
        Check out Benders site – they offer both kits and assembled.
        Don’t have the link at hand but typing in Bender Cameras should
        do it.

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