10 comments on “ICONIC FILM CAMERAS

  1. Great post. I like reading reviews and peoples opinions about things. I do love digital photography but wouldn’t it be great to have a darkroom and develop your own pictures? The cost would be so high. A community one? A group of like-minded people could go on in it together.

    • Thank you – this will kind of be a series as there several
      film cameras in my opinion that qualify.
      There actually are such community based groups but none
      around here – I have some out of state friends that belong
      to one and are strong advocates.

      • You know what upsets me. When we first bought this house, there were 3 old cameras in the back porch. Really old ones, the kind that looked like an accordion in the front. I threw them out in a huge garbage bin we rented. I had no appreciation for things back then. I could kick myself now.
        I do look forward to reading your posts.

      • I think that’s more common than one would think, even if they
        don’t function or have other issues people will buy them for
        parts or even to restore depending on the camera.
        I had to repair a Nikon once that suffered from a poorly
        designed film back the catch had broken on, very common
        for that model – big bucks if done by Nikon but I found a
        trashed one with a good back for three bucks, switched them
        out and problem solved.
        Same thing with corrosion in battery compartments – people
        will toss a camera like that but unless an extreme case it
        be can cleaned with swabs and vinegar followed by alcohol and
        drying to remove all traces of the vinegar and moisture.
        The rule is to never ever use alkaline batteries, but if so
        remove them when the camera isn’t in use.
        Go with rechargeables – cheaper in the long run.

      • We always use rechargeable batteries. Thanks for the tips on cleaning the erosion! We have had batteries do that when I packed away some Halloween/Christmas things and did not take them out. Bad thing to do and lucky it did not start a fire!
        Ha! So nice to find throw aways! I love free stuff!

      • Rechargeables are the only batteries that make
        sense – I’m using some third party ones that after
        three or four years are still going strong with more mah and seriously less money than branded ones.

      • Tells a tale about those high dollar low mah branded ones doesn’t it?
        I’m curious since the Nik efex software I suggested previously will be
        a compatible plug in with PS if you’ll be giving it a go again since
        it will be?
        I don’t work for Nik but since trying it myself think it’s worth
        recommending to others as it was to me.
        Been rooting in the external off and on and found some photos I took
        with the Tak 300mm I blogged about – will post a couple in a day or two either after or in between the IC blogs.

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