8 comments on “ICONIC FILM CAMERAS 2

  1. I know my 50 does not have f/1.4. I asked Rebel Guy about it and he said that must be a great lens. I can see these are going to be interesting posts. I might just learn a thing or two.

    • I don’t mean to imply all kit lenses of this day are crap, only
      the vast majority of them, some of them are decent but far from
      being a prime.
      Once people get into photography few if any will be satisfied with
      the lens that came with their camera – companies know and rely upon
      that as the cost of an upgrade is incrementally higher.
      I’m kind of amused by those on the net claiming there’s no need to
      upgrade from a kit lens, that somehow it’s a lack of ability on the
      shooters part, if the truth were known they upgraded as well and probably
      own multiple lenses.
      Sometimes people aren’t financially able to and I understand that, it’s
      the reason why I encourage people to learn something other than the
      auto modes which in doing so will allow them to pick up a very good
      vintage lens as an upgrade for a fraction of the cost of a modern prime.
      There’s a laundry list of excellent vintage lenses made by just about
      every company numbering in the tens if not hundreds of thousands, few
      of them “rare” as sellers are given to claim.
      Some with the big names like Zeiss, Voigtlander, and Leica can still
      command big money, but even among those bargains can be found.
      Next up in the IC blogs is the Canon F-1, a great film camera featuring
      Canon FD lenses.

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