10 comments on ““GUERILLA MAIL”

  1. I didn’t want to get involved or upset you, so I never said that someone contacted me. To be honest, I never even finished reading it because it kind of freaked me out. Closed it, ignored it. Ignoring is the only way to stop people like that. I should have told you though. Sorry. There are options that can put an end to this type of thing. (legal, of course)

    • Appreciate you concern but I think my reactions are more about
      determination rather than being upset and I regret that you
      have become involved in any manner.
      I was advised by several friends about all this and also that
      I might want to think twice about posting this latest blog as it
      could lead to a “followers” and “likes” exodus – while I appreciate
      both it wasn’t a consideration for me as I believe in confronting
      and addressing issues and if feathers are ruffled then it is what it
      There’s no need for an apology and your desire to not become involved
      is entirely understandable

      • Well, I certainly was not going to let that stop me. I have a thick skin and know people like that are out for some type of response or result. I figure if they wanted to harass me further I would quickly show them the door. I can handle my own too.
        So, no worries on my part. 🙂

      • I began this blog to address issues relate to the nations, the
        corrupt leadership of the so called American Indian Movement,
        the farcical myth related to Leonard Peltier, and the murder
        of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash and others by AIM.
        Considering the trolls who responded and insults thick skin
        was a requirement – there isn’t a great deal that remains to
        be said about AIM or it’s leadership, they have been thoroughly
        exposed by people more capable than I am.
        As a result I began to segue into other topics, the impact that
        they have not just on the nations but the nation at large and
        eventually into photographic topics.
        The AIM trolls have gone off to lick their wounds and the
        political situation should be obvious enough for all to see
        so photography has become the main topic and admittedly something
        of a welcome respite.
        I won’t be changing the approach this blog has taken, I’ll
        continue to address what I believe are inequities when moved
        to do so and continue with the photographic aspect whether it
        resonates or not.
        Like I’ve said on previous occasions, our voices were taken from
        us and having regained them I’ll not surrender so much as a single
        Appreciate your comments and support.

      • I am happy to hear that. You can still speak your mind as an activist about things that matter or need to be said, and have interests besides that. It’s called being human and well-rounded. 🙂

      • Even thought we aren’t political on our present blog. I did so for ten years. Now it is just in my personal life that I am clear about what I stand for. Ten years ago, people would look at me like I was odd, now everything I told them is a well-known fact. They even agree and talk with other people about it. It is the mainstream. Nothing new.
        We are the same type of people as you, we do not back down simply because other people don’t like it. I have had my share of “innocent” threats or mocking. I let those kinds of people wallow in their own miserable lives. We only get one life here in the body we are in, I refuse to let anyone make mine worse.

      • There are obvious limits and courtesies to observe
        where warranted but I shudder to think of a nation
        dominated by word and thought police.
        I think compromise is important, or at least the
        willingness to, but never when it is counterproductive.
        I believe in the right of free speech, but I also
        believe in the right of dissenting opinions and the
        right to walk away rather than entertain a fool.
        One life as you say, and we should live it like we
        mean it.

      • I truly believe a difference of opinion does not make one person better than another, and one has to be wrong or right. I never dislike someone for what they believe, even if I don’t agree.
        Compromise…agree to disagree and get on with life. Life is too short.

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