11 comments on “LAST MAN STANDING ?

  1. I read the link from counterpunch. I didn’t know the whole story behind this. It does not change the fact that they committed these acts, but I do get so upset when I keep reading about law enforcement egging things like this on. It happens all the time. How is that okay? They charge other people with “inciting” or “pressing” people to do things they normally would not. This type of action has to be changed. People died because it is okay for law enforcement to do this. How can that be legal?
    We have family members in law enforcement and I don’t want to paint all of them with a single brush. But sometimes I wonder just what side some of them are on.
    I hope that one last person speaks up and give peace to the families. At this point, what does he have to lose?
    That is why so many people are afraid to be active and stand for what is right. Peaceful protests and movements get infiltrated by people who just want to cause trouble and make it an unsafe environment, each having their own agendas. Democracy at its finest.
    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Protestors and movements always become persons or entities of
      “interest”, additionally as you point out they will attract the
      attention of individuals who consider themselves anarchists and
      have no other agenda than to instigate confrontation.
      There is no question that the feds had informants in AIM and a
      part of their agenda was disruption, Doug Durham being the most
      Reasons why I have always said I believe it is imperative that
      movements “police” themselves – why the direction a movement
      takes should be a matter of consensus rather than an arbitrary
      decision made by a handful who have injected themselves into
      leadership roles by hook or crook.
      This “policing” should also encompass every law enforcement
      agency in this country whether local, state, or federal – failing
      to do so leads to a gang mentality which is exactly what we are
      The same gang mentality of a brotherhood of silence and the
      “family” first – I won’t paint all with the same brush either
      but I will say if it’s about the rule of law and a sincere
      desire to serve then good cops need to step up rather than
      offer the consent of silence.
      Law enforcement is making the transition from an equal application
      and service to becoming a paramilitary force and that does not
      bode well for any nation – stoke the flames with a dolt like Trump
      and conservative ideology and it can only become worse.
      I’ve stated repeatedly that I believe Dave Hill was an informant,
      if so and being the rumored shooter of Ray Robinson it would have
      created problems for the feds – but I have never bought into the
      AIM smokescreen that the feds ordered or had a direct participatory
      involvement in Ray or Annie’s murder, and there isn’t a single thing
      of substance to substantiate such a claim.
      As I’ve also stated numerous times I believe the leadership as a
      whole rolled over at one time or another as it served their interests.
      Difficult to explain otherwise why they weren’t indicted.
      When rights are abused or trampled it is usually explained as a matter
      of security, but as Ben Franklin once said that a people who will surrender
      a liberty for a preceived temporary security deserve neither – democracy
      cannot exist without freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the right
      to a redress of grievances.
      By checking out the link I meant the one related to NIK and possible
      reasons why you can’t find your download in Windows if we misunderstood
      each other.

      • Some of those things are the very reasons I will not join or belong to any groups. I would never be comfortable, but I can trust myself.
        I will speak on my own behalf, have donated more to acquire information from the Freedom of Information database. Have made purchases from things that need to raise money for certain awareness or political things.
        That way I am in control of what I am involved in.
        In public, I do not shy away from saying what I stand for. Just never as a group. I have done research for free and written many posts.
        I just do not feel safe in a group environment.

      • Something of a two sided coin as there is strength in numbers and
        unity but only if a common goal is shared and egos are set aside.
        My personal belief is everyone has a social responsibility – that
        needn’t translate to joining groups as much as taking a stand on
        an individual level and once having done so making an attempt to
        provide a positive example by not just talking the talk but walking
        the walk as well.
        I think I would have enjoyed your previous blog and found a common

      • The first few years were on a collaborative group that you had to be invited into. I loved it because there were lawyers, well known authors, politicians and everyday people like me. Then I started my own because I wanted to put a focus on some things that were important to me and there I was only singing to the choir. The issues about Palestine was one big thing for me, and back then, I suppose even now, it was a taboo topic. It is getting media attention now, ten years ago it was not. So, I just kept on until it was mainstream. But I was vocal about many other things as well. I did speak on LP’s side then too. That is one thing we probably would not have agreed on. I still would have been nice to you though. 🙂 In fact, I think that is how I first found you, by searching info about him.

      • I believe all people have a right to a sovereign homeland and
        that includes the Palestinians, Kurds, Israelis, and the Rohingya.
        The Middle East is basically a mess, has been, and probably
        will remain as such due in part to external influences.
        Interestingly I read that actor Lou Asner in now what has been
        decades ago was a champion of the Palestinian cause and caught
        a lot of heat for it.
        Don’t know if you’re aware of it of or not but LP recently had
        a triple bypass and apparently doing well.

      • I knew he wasn’t in good health but didn’t know what it was. Last I read, they knew he was dying and wanted him let out to be with family.
        Everyone that talks about what is actually happens and has happened there catches a lot of heat. It doesn’t make someone very popular, that is for sure. As long as the facts are presented, fairly, it should not be seen as being anti anything. The facts are easily available to find now.

      • Obviously he does a have few health issues but his supporters have
        claimed for years he was at deaths door and being denied essential
        medical attention etc etc so there may have been something of crying
        wolf aspect to the many alarms and “calls to action”.
        I’v said numerous times in the blog that I believe any authority
        that assumes the ability to incarcerate a person assumes the
        responsibility to provide a proper diet, clothing, humane living
        conditions and medical care.
        As you say the facts are out there if people will avail themselves
        of them.
        A simple fact was there was no Mr. X, a lie that has been thorougly
        discredited by his cohorts, his cousin Bob Robideau, and one of
        his attorneys who was fired shortly thereafter and yet you can find
        actor Peter Coyote in an NPR interview on youtube going on about X
        was the real killer along with Peltier in other videos saying what
        a stand up “brother” X was and either yes he knows who he is but won’t
        say because of a “code” his people have to reversing course and saying
        he has no idea who X was.
        Probably should stop here as there are tons of discrepancies I
        could point and no real need to.

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