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  1. Good for you. I remember planing hundreds of trees over the years with my Grandpa and Uncle. Years ago my dad had planted a hedge somewhere and there was this tiny, sad looking sapling left in the back of his truck. He brought it here and planted it because he didn’t have the heart to let it die. Though he did say it probably would not make it. It is now one of the largest trees on our property! About 18 feet high.

    • There aren’t a lot of things a person can do in real time that has
      the potential to immediately benefit all of humanity and the planet
      itself, the planting of a tree is one that does and will.
      An effort that doesn’t require a great deal of energy or time though
      it could mean a brief pause in being “connected” or putting the cell
      phone on mute, which seems to be something of a stumbling block for
      a great many.
      Credit to you, your’s, and those who see and understand the larger

      • They bought property for the cedar trees that were on it (for business), I don’t know if it is still the same now, at that time the government would give them a certain amount of saplings to replace what they dug up.
        There were four of us kids and every year they would pick us up and get us to plant them, Our reward was lunch and a banana split at Dairy Queen. We thought it was a great deal! Hey, we were poor. We never got to eat out often and that was a real treat to us.

  2. Hello,

    I fully agree with you! Especially on planting and woodwork. You may find it funny but one of the most beautiful and relaxing experiences is the smell of a wood when you’re in the workshop. Measure twice, cut one as carpenters use to say 😀

    “A tree can be only as strong as the forest that surrounds it.”, “Many leafs, one tree.” are those of most valuable and basic lessons for humankind we can learn from them. They are amazing beings and if we spend even a while observing them it can change the whole perception “from roots to crown” I dare to say!

    Have my luck to be part of the project to plant 300 trees in my area – and in this polluted city I am living in every tree is priceless.

    • Trees are an essential element of the biosphere, something people are generally aware of but don’t give much thought to.
      The benefits range from combating erosion to the absorption of CO2 and releasing oxygen back into the air – studies have shown that this CO2 absorption by an acre of wood land is roughly the equivalent of the amount produced by a car driven in excess of 25,000 miles during a year.
      Not only can the planting of trees in a city serve as a beautification project but it can also serve to reduce temperatures by blocking sunlight and releasing moisture into the air.
      Know what you mean about the aroma of wood and applaud your tree planting efforts, volunteerism in the service of humanity and the planet, doesn’t get much more meaningful than that.

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