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      • That’s amazing! Was that at a Pow Wow? We were going to see one but I read that it was considered rude to take pictures of the sacred ceremonies. I still want see one.

      • There’s usually all kinds of cameras at pow wow, even people
        snapping photos with their cell phones – pow wow is mainly a
        fun time, meet up with friends and make new friends, not
        considered ceremonial or sacred.
        This wasn’t taken at pow wow.

      • I believe there are elements of the nations traditions that should neither be commercialized nor photographed – specifically certain ceremonies.
        This inspite of the fact that there are photographs decades, even a hundred years old or more – I attribute that to life on the gulags during those times and and the amount of control that was exerted.
        Some among the nations will carry on about photographing a pipe and yet support those who market and employ a pipe as prop pandering to an internet romanticism.
        I have found it particularly hilarious that “last real ndns” like the AIM leadership, “warriors in the spirit of Crazy Horse” and “traditionalists” in an effort to enhance their image felt the need to erect tipi(s) at Wounded Knee 2 – the problem was not a one among them knew how to go about it so they enlisted the help of a white man.
        On the other end of the spectrum during assorted trials like those of Peltier, Robideau, and Butler a pipe was always in evidence on the defense table as though it’s very presence insured that the words spoken by serial liars could only be the truth.
        Russell Means was noted for passing a pipe around during his public scams and Dennis Bank$ didn’t hesitate to make a show of it with visiting journalists for the same reasons.
        There is nothing scared in the name branding of or marketing ceremonies as the AIM leadership have all engaged in – having done so such “ceremonies” have the same equivalency as “ceremonies” at Crow Dogs where drugs and alcohol were present,
        which is to say zero – no more value than “sitting on a bar stool talking like a damn fool”.

      • Seriously? A white man had to help. That should send a red flag right there. How can you stand for something you know nothing about? That would feel like a slap in the face to me.
        I hope I don’t offend by this, but I was so sincere in my efforts to find my roots, and was ignored. On one forum, no one would even respond to me. I think it was because of my name. I think about what an honor it would be to locate any branch of my family tree on that side.
        And then there are people who pretend they honor that tradition. I think I would burst out crying if I ever found my family!

      • Some I’m sure would claim a white man building a tipi amounts
        to a form of cultural appropriation but not me as tipis or tipi
        like structures have a long historical precident globally, I
        just find it hilarious re WK2 and the mighty “warriors”.
        As to blood quantum that has been and will in likelihood remain
        something of a point of contention due in part to those whose
        who flood the net with claims proven to be false.
        The false claims serve to make it difficult for others of mixed
        blood – these false claims are usually associated with youtube
        wannabes and hucksters who were “taught the sacred ways” by
        “elders and chiefs” etc and now promote themselves for fun and
        Lil’ grandmother is a prime example – one of a growing number.
        I don’t doubt some who ignored you or had an issue were mixed
        blood, in the end I’ve always said if a person has ancestry among
        the nations it should be a point of pride but ultimately whatever
        the ancestry is should be embraced as that’s who a person is, the
        one thing we entered the world with we’ll take with us when we

      • You might thin this is stupid, but when I was reading your last sentence, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I can live with that. Thank you!
        That is good enough for me.
        I am off to set up my lighting area for a few hours. I am making all the props by hand, but I think it will work out fine. I want to get some practice with lighting and tripod use before December. I just had to thank you quickly. I don’t have to let it bother me as much as it does. Stupid, but that changed my perspective instantly.

      • Honest emotions are never stupid, the problem is the incremental
        lack of honesty in a world that favors hyperbole over reality.
        As I’ve always said we should all live our lives as though we mean
        it,that doesn’t translate in my book to being tossed about by
        the winds of “convention”, fad, trolls, or memes – if we cannot be
        true to ourselves we cannot be true to others or the life we live.
        Your devotion to photography and can do approach have already
        begun to pay dividends in your postings – well done.

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