1. Oh boy! Every time I read things like this, I get all worked up. I just don’t get why more people don’t talk about it. How long do we ignore the fact that it is so obvious no one is working on our behalf. We have to account for every dime we earn and spend so they can take their share. With the money they take, they can just do whatever they want. Not accountable to tell us how they spend it, or the bloated worth of what they pay for things. If they get caught, they made a mistake. Oops! We have to pay for the mistake and they continue on as if they have an unending pool of money. It is a joke.
    And they borrow money with interest when they could print their own, interest free. Look at all the recent wars. How many did not borrow from the World Bank? Or IMF?
    It seems to me, you borrow or suffer the consequence. Arghhhh…
    Just my opinion though.

    • This ignoring may in fact be a side effect of dependency, some
      perceived threat in rocking the boat, possibly even resignation
      or what can the individual do about it and better not to draw
      attention to oneself.
      The problem isn’t just about the incremental loss of things but
      the generational loss predicated on experience – take for instance
      something as simple as ice cream – if it ceased to exist what sense
      of loss would succeeding generations have?
      Generations above all things need to be not only stewards but
      preservationists as well – they will either leave a worthy legacy
      or a burden….. and don’t get me started about the IMF and World

      • So true.I think too many don’t realize children are like sponges. They can learn so much in their younger years and can be taught things at that age better than people our age. We could instill useful things in their life, things they will remember and use when they are older. Sad that so many people don’t take the time to teach their own children anything.
        I feel the same way about the IMF and World bank. I could ramble on forever but I am sure you know all about them anyway!

      • In what is rapidly becoming the age of Meism parental responsibility
        isn’t what it once was, and as you say with children being sponges
        it is about providing positive examples.

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