7 comments on “ON THIS DAY – REBLOGGED

  1. I don’t know what to say, or how to say it so it comes out right. Just that it makes me feel bad, and sad. We have not improved the world and should not be proud of what we have made it. And what we did to get it. I know we can’t change what has been done. I wish we could all find a happy medium between past and future instead of throwing everything from the past out the window.
    Imagine if we could have worked together from the beginning what we could have achieved. How we could be living today? Before all of the past is forgotten, we could try to take a step back and make things better? I know…but I can dream right?

    • Irrespective of ethnicity, culture, or geographic location people basically want the same things – there should be a common recognition of that.
      Five hundred plus years is lot to overcome, a lot to forget, and impossible to reconcile – especially in view of the realities that exist even now.
      These same things are fundamental rights intrinsic to all of humanity – I begrudge no one anything that was earned in an honest and forthright manner, in the midst of that I say that the nations and all people deserve a level playing field, equal access and equal opportunity – if not then the lies may be given new names but they remain the same.
      Thanksgiving isn’t cause for celebration for us, it is a reminder, and our lives are filled with unwanted reminders.
      A great many things could have been different throughout history but greed, indifference and racism have always been the spoilers, as a result too often what is left are dreams difficult if not impossible to attain.

      • I just don’t see a rosy future because there is too much greed. Too many people who want power over everything. We wrecked everything that could have been good and continue to do so.
        Too bad we couldn’t live more with old ways and still have internet and a few other new things that don’t do damage. My utopia! It would never happen. I know.

      • I’ve said in the past we have entered a new “dark age” and I agree
        that it is the path of unbridled greed – but additionally a blind
        party allegiance completely devoid of anything even vaguely
        resembling a moral rudder…..in that context I give you the current
        president, Roy Moore, and Citizens United.
        The last hundred years or so have visited the most destruction on people
        and this planet either have ever endured – there are lessons to be learned
        in that, up to people whether they accept them or not.
        The reality is that the “savages” are to be found in “civilization” where
        they flourish.

      • I had never heard of Citizens United before. So glad you mentioned it. Can’t wait to read some more about them. First look up had the mention of the Koch Brothers. I guess that says it all.

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