7 comments on “HOTAME AGAIN

    • I think it was something of an act of courage to approach us
      all things considered, or maybe one of desperation and surrender.
      Don’t know how long he’d been on his own as he was in pretty
      rough shape hampered by his condition, wounds, and the condition
      his paws were in – but save for the scars you’d never know it now.
      Don’t know if hotame is capable of such thoughts but we consider
      his scars badges of honor as he stood his ground and fought.

      • What kind of dog is he? I looked up hotame and it is dog in Cheyenne. Did you name your dog, dog? Too funny if you did!

      • Early references when asking how he was doing since
        there was no name as in how is the dog doing and it
        just sort of stuck – he wears it well.
        Winter because she was found in the winter when about
        four months old wearing her multicolored winter coat, and
        Sia because as a puppy her feet would get ahead of her and
        she would trip over them – didn’t float like a feather.
        All mixed breeds that have led to speculation about ancestry,
        sort of the typical rez dogs.
        Knew some people who had two cats, one by the name of damn
        cat and the other piss ant, never asked about the origins of
        their names but they seemed to wear them well also and led
        a pampered existence.

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