4 comments on “ANAGRAMS

  1. Ha! Love it! The news is carefully sewn into a quilt. Like a blanket, to cover what they need to keep us comfortable from the bitter cold truth that swirls around our cocoon we are wrapped in. 🙂

    • It’s a sad state of affairs when verifiable news is called fake
      and BS is touted as the real thing.
      I like your analogy – the worst thing that’s happened to the “news”
      are the mega conglomerates that have control of it – they like
      corporations and the banking industry should be broken up.
      Small newspapers/outlets and local community banks are fading into
      what is referred to as a bygone era.

      • I know, some of our small newspapers were bought up and then closed. They bought them so there was no competition. And here we thought monopolies were illegal. Ha! That is what loopholes are for. There are so many ways around being a monopoly!

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