1. I see I will have a lot of reading ahead of me tonight. I have only heard of one of them. I will search them during the hockey game.

    • Every person, family, and culture have traditions and ancestors
      to remember, and they should.
      Lacking a detailed personal history may in part contribute to
      our saying we are all related – hundreds of tribes but at the core
      one people.

  2. Thanks for all the reading material. I have always admired Tecumseh and his brother “The Prophet.”
    I knew about Joseph, but none of the others. Obviously, as a woman, Lozen appealed to me. She reminds me of Octavia from a tv show I watched on Netflix called The 100. She rocked!

    • Not familiar with the series or Octavia – Joseph was
      Nez Perce and their’s was/is some beautiful country
      in Idaho.
      Lozen was quite a woman.
      There’s an entire history related to the nations that
      most aren’t familiar with – that thing about victors
      write history.
      Incidentally horse lovers can thank the Nez Perce
      for Appaloosas.

  3. beautifully expressed,
    pride, pain & betrayal!
    i found it interesting living
    with the White Mtn Apaches
    which had many a rodeo
    roper & rider who called
    themselves cowboys 🙂

    • Thank you – reminds me of another song I heard once maybe
      by Nelson or Waylon Jennings about all the cowboys were
      wearing turquoise jewelry and the ndns cowboy hats and
      Not sure what it all means but something else I’ve never
      believed is that clothes make the man.

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