1. When it comes to things like this or just about anything related to cryptozoology some people just want to believe based on little more than what’s presented on the internet – basically harmless in and of itself if they don’t become delusional about it or use it as a vehicle to scam others.
    Chupacabra is another example, and much to my embarrassment there actually exists a site populated by a few “chiefs” who promote the theory that Chupacabra was mistakenly left here on planet earth by alien visitors and his antics are due to being lonely and homesick.
    Not surprising though as this is one of those pay to pray sites offering a little something for everyone from those in ascendancy claiming to be in direct communication with ETs and actually cruising in UFOs with them to offering “scared teachings” of the nations.
    “Chiefs”, “messengers”, “prophets”, and “healers” abound festooned with a Hollywood style “ndn name” they’ve given themselves, the obligatory headdress and what is considered to be the appropriate garb.
    But here’s a valid question that should be asked when it comes to all the “hunters” and those videos/photos they upload – in this day of stabilized lenses and cameras why are they always blurred? Why don’t those “hair” samples ever prove out?
    As to the casts of footprints who can really say? One thing I know though is that I and a lot of others are capable of reproducing the tracks.

  2. We always laugh at the blurry images and yet everything taken before and after is clear. Funny you mention the prints. I can’t even remember if I read or watched it, but shoes were manufactured for war (I think) with animal prints or ones that left prints backwards to confuse the enemy or just not to leave human prints. Clever, isn’t it?

    Everyone laughs at me that I can’t bring myself to believe in aliens because there is so much out there. I just can’t. I think most things were just secret military planes or things. Ops and such.

    • As vast as the universe is it’s almost a given that life in some form
      exists elsewhere, but no guarantee if it does that it is humanoid in
      appearance or intellectually superior.
      I tend to rant about money being spent searching for a habitable
      planet or the colonization of Mars for that matter.
      If you remove Mars from the equation the distances are so far as
      to be insurmountable – money better spent to insure this planet
      remains hospitable.
      Never heard about the war shoes but very clever – Ma’xemestaa’e
      is portrayed as something along the lines of Sasquatch but with
      the feet of a bird – imagine their feet would have to have to be
      Emu size or better …… the war shoes are giving me an idea.

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