1. In closing this rant and then moving on I will add the following:

    Tolerance and patience have a time and place but they also can become a form of tacit acceptance and I’m not going there.
    I don’t agree with everyone and everyone shouldn’t expect me to agree with them or remain silent if I don’t.
    GOP in my opinion stands for Grand Old Perverts and the Democratic establishment pols still haven’t a clue and correctly portrayed by their party mascot.
    The Dems are still attempting to blame Sanders and millennials for Hillary losing when they should be pointing the finger at themselves for being tone deaf and their inner party machinations – what is needed is for entrenched career politicians like Pelosi, McConnell and a host of others to be shown the door with new blood and ideas introduced.
    The Clinton’s likewise who are little more than a liability should have the grace to shut up and retire from the public eye while Republicans should either rent, beg, or borrow the intestinal fortitude to denounce Trump for the liar and huckster he is.
    Democracy is becoming something akin to the carnival “freak shows” of yesteryear with a dysfunctional two party system that lends itself to corruption and more of the same.
    Supporters on both sides are fed sound bites and manipulated into becoming little more than insulation, a line of defense, and ultimately acceptable collateral damage.
    The so called free press “guardians” of the truth, justice, the American Way, mom and apple pie, are carefully coiffed pseudo celebrities afraid to call a lie a lie while opting for such weak kneed politically correct banal characterizations as falsehood or incorrect.
    What does it say when a person will cast a vote for “the lesser of two evils? Has the democratic process and blind unswerving party allegiance in this country sunk so low this is the best to be offered, the best to hope for?
    I know a gay man who voted for Trump, something I still can’t understand to this day. His reason for doing so? He detests Hillary, ergo he voted for what he perceived was the lesser of two evils and now bemoans the fact that he did.
    I know a “ patriot” or two who wrap themselves in the flag, talk all the bullshit about guns having to be taken from their cold dead fingers who railed against everything from Obamacare to the alleged horde of Mexican rapists raping their way across the country in some sort of rapeathon who now see the threat to grandmas healthcare and that of their children and haven’t the integrity to stand up and call it what it is – haven’t the integrity to accept or admit it was their vote that contributed to the ramped up inequities they and their families will now have to face.
    It is their vote that further entrenched the stranglehold of corporations and the rich, their vote that facilitates the marginalization of women young and old in their life.
    Their vote that will insure underfunding of public education and the proliferation of “charter schools” often run by religious zealots intent on proselytizing.
    Their vote that will accelerate climate change, ignitable water, and fracking induced earthquakes.
    Responsibility to the opposite side of the aisle as well who catered more to celebrities, chased the buck as earnestly, played the establishment game, failed to listen to the people and insisted on breaking a glass ceiling without ever giving a damn who the candidate was.
    A candidate forced into an attempted makeover as a progressive as support rose for Sanders, as millennials said hell no, enough.
    As Sander’s demonstrated a campaign can be run by and of the people forgoing groveling to super pacs and corporate donations.
    A seriously flawed candidate as she spoke out of both sides of her mouth, spoke about the need for campaign reform, called for a Constitutional amendment to that effect all while chasing the same buck with a vengeance.
    A candidate presenting herself as a feminist even as the Clinton Foundation eagerly accepted money from countries that subjugate and abuse women.
    A candidate talking the talk about the evils of Wall Street while merrily pocketing money for speeches from those she accused to then insure them not to worry, a campaign was in progress and like so much campaign rhetoric her own doublespeak was meaningless.
    If a shadow government exists as right wing loons love to go on about then it surely must be Fox News – Trump’s go to source for the ongoing ego stroking – they broadcast some tripe and Trump dutifully fashions a tweet based upon it – talk about a puppet.
    And what is Fox News? It’s yellow journalism in the lowest common denominator – it’s the “I Had Sasquatch’s Baby” and “Aliens Walk Among Among Us” of broadcast media.
    If Fox did a segment claiming the EU just voted to recognize Trump as a global messiah Trump would tweet within seconds or minutes that it’s all true and he is the greatest messiah of all time.
    He might even make up a non existent quote from Proverbs as he has in the past, or claim it was foretold in “2” Corinthians and evangelicals would be shouting hosannah from the rooftops.


  2. Oh, goodness! I was trying so hard to stay away from American politics. I figure, being Canadian, what business do I have offering my thoughts? But now look what you have gone and done!
    Time to be honest.
    I rooted for Bernie. I was the “anyone but Hillary” person. I still am. She is not a good person. I don’t like her vibes. I could go on forever about her, but she isn’t worth it.
    I ashamed to admit that I was curious to see what would happen if Trump became president. Now that I know..I apologize profusely. I feel for all of you who have to endure what has become of your country. Trump is just one of the leaders who has continued on the wrong path, the previous ones did any good.
    Not that Canada has anything to brag about. Other people have too much pull in what shapes our country. Greedy, selfish people. Control freaks. People who use religion as a reason for everything they want or do.
    You just said everything I would say, but better! Love it when you have something to say because you say it well! Bravo!

    • The world as it exists now is a global community, what occurs
      anywhere has the potential to become a butterfly effect of
      tsunami like ripples across the planet – an obvious example
      being climate change denial and the removal of related regulations,
      another is the schoolyard like exchanges between Trump and Kim.
      Should these exchanges lead to a war involving a nuclear
      exchange Canada if not dragged into it will be seriously impacted
      nonetheless – so I believe Canadians have a right to be concerned
      and to express those concerns as does the global community.
      When viewed through the prism of history Democracy degrades,
      a degradation that lends itself to a privileged controlling oligarchy
      and that is exactly what’s occurring in this country, in the
      industrialized nations.
      As I mentioned in the blog I was chided about giving Trump
      a chance, to wait and see – my response was his entire life
      has been a demonstration of who he is, that nothing would change
      and predictably his delusional self love and mental aberrations
      would increasingly drag the country down.
      I’ve thought at times to contact these defenders and ask how do
      you like him now but haven’t – and of course not a one has of their
      own volition stepped up and said oops.
      I’m inclined to think that when I post a blog such as this one it
      tends to disconcert some among the followers, they may disagree,
      prefer to avoid comment for any number of reasons including concerns
      about privacy and the thought and word police, or believe I’m bouncing
      off the walls – their right and not a problem but also something I
      will continue to do from time time when moved to do so.
      Ultimately for me it all goes back to my belief that we should live
      life like we mean it – the implication being we speak and standup for
      those things we believe it, that we don’t give the consent of silence,
      that as the fictional character Howard Beale said in the movie Network
      we say we’re mad as hell and not taking it anymore.
      Bernie was and is the man, but the Democratic party machine wouldn’t
      tolerate any threat to the established order and lied, cheated, and
      stole to insure he would not get the nomination, that it would go to
      their anointed one.
      An approach that has come back to bite them in the ass and deservedly
      Has the lesson been learned? I tend to doubt it, the best thing they
      have going for them at this point is the lunacy of incumbent conservatives.
      Thanks for the comment and compliment – be well and keep punchin’.

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