6 comments on “SALVAGE

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more! So much waste on sites, I am always going through the piles of stone, brick and lumber piles. I always walk away feeling like I hit the jackpot! 🙂

    • Depending on use I’ll run the lumber through a DeWalt planer,
      one of those that will handle wood up to about 14 inches wide
      by 6 inch thick – then again depending on use I have an old
      shaper, one of those cast iron base thick steal tables I use
      for just about any type of molding you can think of, raised
      panels for cabinetry or doors, t+g etc.
      I’d really rather make such things than buy them and salvage
      facilitates that while keeping costs down.
      I knew a man who owned a second hand store, in passing by
      I noticed they had tossed out an old pie safe in need of
      work – told him it was worth fixing and he said he wasn’t
      going to have his worker fool with it and take it if I wanted
      it, so I did.
      Did the repairs, duplicated a couple of pieces and came out
      like a bandit.
      Later he asked me if I had done anything with it and when I
      said yes – he kind of paused for a moment and asked me if I
      was using it?
      So I told him I sold it – then he asked for how much and when
      I told him he got a little upset – so I reminded him I had told
      him it was worth fixing – as I drove away I could see him shaking
      his finger at his worker.
      Over time though I did wind up restoring things for him.

      • Ha! Love it! That sounds like a heavy duty planer you have. What is a pie safe? I can’t wait to set up all our tools in the summer. Did I ever tell you that we bought all Rebel Guys dads tools last year before he passed? We haven’t had a chance to unpack or use them yet.

      • Got it used needing a little repair but it hasn’t let me down
        yet and I keep the blades sharp.
        Tools pay for themself and I have a great respect for those who
        in past times made what they needed whether a hide scraper
        or a plane.
        A pie safe can be something like a bread box to something more
        like a hutch – the one I mentioned was hutch like.

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