1. “I don’t know about other counties but retailers drop prices here at the end of year on their inventory as they are obliged to pay taxes on it when the new year arrives.”

    I didn’t know that.

    • With Trump’s “tax reform” that may change as he caters to
      the big bucks people – if so loss of tax revenue will fall
      to the middle and working class.

      • Oh yes, God forbid the rich take a hit. We would be lost without that trickle down effect, wouldn’t we? I would much rather live in the old days, before all that. Hard work, long hours, but it was still from home and taking care of each as a community. Now we work to line other peoples pockets.

      • I’m amazed when viewing the effects of “trickle down economics” which
        is a euphemism for trickle up economics (more like a giant vacuum)
        that conservative voters in this country still fall for the same line,
        still embrace it as a viable approach leading to job creation, better
        wages, and a way to elevate the general welfare when in part it has led
        to more falling through the cracks, increased individual debt servitude,
        and an embattled declining middle class with more of the tax burden shifted
        to them.
        A large robust middle class serves as an economic barometer, if it
        remains healthy and increases a nation remains healthy, if it declines
        the opposite is true.

      • Exactly! The middle class gets nothing, especially if they are single or have no children. The government acts like these people don’t even exist.

      • It acts like a lot of people don’t exist.
        It’s like Social Security benefits for people in this
        country and the ongoing conservative effort to privatize
        it – turn it over to some corporation as a for profit
        venture as they sound the alarm it’s running out of
        money never assigning the blame where it belongs.
        Rather than that money being held in trust as it should
        have been the government has used as it a personal slush
        fund for everything from pork barrel projects to military
        adventurism leaving useless IOU’s in their wake with not so
        much as a single penny has been repaid.
        Debtors prisons still exist in this country – if a creditor
        sues in court and wins a judgement and the person sued doesn’t
        make the payment(s) for any reason they can be and are jailed
        for violating a court order.
        Seems like the courts in such instances act as a mafia strong
        arm collector.

      • Privatization has been nothing short of a disaster here. No one seems to be accountable for anything that happens. We thought it was bad enough when the government ran things, and it was bad!
        I once had hope for change, I just don’t see it happening because almost everyone involved has dirt to hide.

      • Statistics show that with the privatization of prisons convictions
        have gone up – one example involved a sitting judge whose husband
        had invested in a private prison where those she convicted were
        being sent …… so much for truth, justice, and the American
        The internet should be a public utility maintained by providers
        or a levy on the enormous profits they accrue to that end rather
        than having been privatized.
        This country ranks somewhere around the the 29th or 30th lowest
        in the world for internet speed in the world and among the highest
        if not the highest in pricing.

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