7 comments on ““SHITHOLE”

  1. “But what of the shitholes of corporate boardrooms and behind closed doors legislation that panders to them and their lobbyists?

    Are they somehow more acceptable – do wealth and influence carry a self sanitizer?” 🙂

    Love it!! This has been the norm forever, the only difference is other people in power know better than to say it in public. They listen to the public relations people, or behavior scientist consultants. Now we finally see what has been happening all along, not one person made a big deal about it until now, so they all belong in the “a**hole club”

    • Well said.
      I don’t have an issue in admitting I was a little fired up when
      putting this blog together and posting it.
      The inequities are so glaring, so in your face it is beyond
      belief any part of any electorate will go for it.

      • Funny we think we live in a democratic society, when we see things like this. I remember how fired up I would get when I wrote about politics. It was frustrating. The stupidity, corruption, bribes, gagging info, the list is just too long.

      • “The stupidity, corruption, bribes, gagging info, the list is just too long.”

        A daily onslaught with no sign of letting up – if all the proclaimed
        benefits and concern for the general welfare were actually true we’d
        be living in Utopia – as it is all one has to do is follow the money
        trail and accept the fact that with few exceptions if a politicians
        lips are moving they’re lying.

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