4 comments on “DARK SHADOWS

  1. There are two points of interest after having been asked for clues – one in the back
    in the third window on the left and the other in front by the right side of the entrance.

  2. Goodness, my mind could make up many things! I see two people (children, girls) holding hands looking up at the window on the right. The shadow of a hooded person on the right entrance.
    What is this place? Is that a cross symbol? Is the word dissent? This is so interesting!

    • What caught my eye in viewing the photo later after pulling it up
      on the comp was the head looking in the left window – I had been
      in the cementary for about a half hour without seeing a single
      other person.
      I had been in the back of this “crypt”?, walked around to the
      front and spent less than a minute taking the photo then returned
      to the back where I had set my gear bag – nobody there, not implying
      anything just saying.
      The young girl who made the wristband and “barrettes” I’ve posted
      when seeing it yelped and jumped out of her chair.
      By the front door right hand side I layered in a darkened face, you
      can make out part of the face – the head in the window is original
      to the photo.
      The writing I believe is someone’s name I can probably look at in other
      photos to determine – it’s in German I believe.
      Was on my way to Onondaga and beyond in upstate NY and stopping throughout
      the areas to take photos.

      • Just looked at another photo and could see the letters DISSEN with room for another
        letter or maybe two that’s obscured by a branch – if it does spell out DISSENT seems
        kind of weird but who knows.
        Added the second image so you can see the lettering.

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