1. I haven’t really followed this, other than headlines. Not to defend anyone in this political drama, but what politician hasn’t done any of the above? That is how they play the game. Not one politician has the right to pretend they are shocked by another country interfering in their politics! Pot calling kettle black. Holy crap! A bunch of actors, if you ask me.

    Great post, glad you wrote it. Now I am better educated on the story.

    • The unfortunate reality is that we live in a world
      that has somehow become irretrievably intertwined
      with politics, foreign adventurism and palace intrigue,
      the game you so aptly mentioned.
      Such things are always portrayed as being in the
      best interests of a nation and it’s people as was
      the case of Afghanistan and Iraq.
      Seventeen or so years later and all either have
      accomplished is an increase in global terrorism,
      an increase in anti American sentiment as a people’s
      homeland is destroyed and the “collateral damage”
      of innocent non combatants mounts, and a burgeoning
      national debt while corporations and big biz who
      see war not as hell but as an opportunity to line
      their pockets.
      Governments as well as no small number of people
      are adept at absolving what they do while condemning
      others who do the same – the word for that I believe
      has been referred to as nationalism.
      There’s a line in one of the Batman movies where the
      Joker character says “this town needs an enema”, I think
      the same could be said of politicians.
      Nowhere is it written that we need live in a dog eat dog
      world, it is only through complacency that we do.

      • I feel as though the extension given to the Children’s Health Insurance Program as part of the deal Dems made to fund the government for another three weeks is a good thing – but I also believe the extension for CHIP would have passed on it’s own merit as a separate issue if push came to shove.
        So while it may be a victory I’m inclined to believe McConnell etal opted for what they considered to be low hanging fruit.
        It mollifies the Dems who voted with Republicans and allows the Reps to demonstrate they don’t eat their young – that their “family values” is inclusive of children at risk.
        It would be foolhardy to believe conservatives have turned over a new leaf, that once bitten you shouldn’t be twice shy, that they’ve changed their mind about funding the wall or a bigoted approach to immigration.
        In theory during this brief extension negotiations will take place, the majority if not all behind closed doors and the public will once again be recipients of accusations and counter accusations made by the opposing sides.
        New blood is needed, out with career politicians and in with a new generation who are capable of demonstrating some semblance of a moral ethical rudder as a prerequisite.
        I think the below link sums up the reality of this administration:


      • “this town needs an enema” I love that!
        “Nowhere is it written that we need live in a dog eat dog
        world, it is only through complacency that we do.” And that too! Every now and then I need to be reminded that there will never be change if we don’t demand it.

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