10 comments on “IDIOCRACY AND BOTS

  1. Do you think he will serve his full term? I just watched “Dirty Money” on Netflix. The last episode was about him. One guy said he will be charged with fraud. I wonder.

    • I’m not familiar with the show but am struck by the fact
      that inspite of all the conservative flag waving the current
      entrenched Republican pols seem to believe Trump is meant
      to be a unitary president, all powerful and above the law
      or any Constitutional constraints.
      With that being the case it may come to a constitutional
      crisis should Trump be indicted – should such an indictment
      eventuate some sort of deal could be worked out by the
      Justice Department who would have to okay and pursue such
      an indictment that resignation would be in the “best interests”
      of the nation.
      A lot will hinge I believe on a couple of things, the one
      being mid term elections if the Dems either recapture the
      Senate, Congress, or both and the other being who and how
      many other than Trump are indicted and roll over.
      I have no doubt the Trump cartel has engaged in numerous
      incidents of money laundering, fraud, and that collusion
      to some degree did occur.

      • It was something to do with one of his business endeavors. Nothing to do with all the things being investigated in politics. I think they are just trying anything they can to find something to get him out. Time will tell.

      • Mueller was head of the FBI for twelve years and after the firing of Comey was under consideration by Trump to be named FBI Director again.
        He was appointed to a ten year term in 2002 by George W. Bush a Republican president and then had his tenure extended for two years by Obama.
        Mueller is a combat vet and served in the Justice Department in various capacities – apparently prior to being appointed Special Counsel was held in high regard and praised for his personal integrity by both parties.
        Mueller is said to be methodical in his approach and apolitical in the performance of his duty – interestingly he is a Republican.
        While a U.S. Attorney his role was the investigation of financial fraud, corruption, and money laundering among other crimes which in my opinion makes him well suited for his current position and no doubt is a major concern for Trump and the Reps.
        I imagine Mueller already has built a case that includes multiple crimes leaving no stone unturned as the investigation continues, so I don’t believe it’s a matter of an ongoing investigation in an attempt to find something – I think plenty has been discovered to date.

      • Well, I hope if it is going to happen, it is sooner rather than later. His entire family is having to deal with the backlash for all that is happening. His wife looks so stressed. His daughter, Tiffany, being treated like she was, and people boycotting her fashion products. She has no part in what her father does. What is wrong with people?

      • I agree in part and understand what nepotism is all
        about – Tiffany may be the smartest of the lot in
        keeping her distance – the sons fell close to the
        tree and are as laughable as their father.
        Ivanka and her husband on the other hand have no
        business nor any qualifications to hold any position
        in government so if they are catching some heat it
        comes with the territory.
        As an “advisor” Ivanka’s role is to advise not just
        go along with whatever daddy wants – she claims to
        be an advocate for women and children, if so then
        she needs to stand up or resign.
        I think Melania went into the marriage with eyes
        wide open as a “trophy wife” as Trump has described
        her and now finds herself trapped and miserable,
        if so best thing for her is to move on which would
        probably lead to an all assault out by Trump – sometimes
        though you gotta do what you gotta do.

      • I guess money talks for some people. Sure wouldn’t work for me. Not worth any of the price people pay for wanting it.

      • They say everybody has a price, not something I agree
        with but am amazed at times how and what amount will
        people will sell themselves and the rest of humanity

  2. Not sure if you have seen this evaluation of press freedom based on countries. States rank 43, as a Canadian, I am disappointed, Canad only made it it to 22. As emblems of democracy and equality, both countries need to do more.

    Again, from a Canadian point of view, the political & social situation looks like some strange blend of Mark Twain, Kafka, and Lewis Carroll . Never thought America would elect a presidential candidate with such a low competency, and tops it off by being supported by a corrupt administration that emulates the Keystone Kops & The Three Stooges ( with apologies to both the Kops & the Stooges – those guys were accomplished professionals).

    • Haven’t seen it but not in the least bit surprised and
      suspect the downward spiral will continue as it could
      be argued there is something of a global trend opposed
      to not only a free press, but freedom of assembly and
      free speech as well.
      Canada and Mexico’s misfortune that as bordering neighbors
      they will be affected by the evolving draconian dark age
      within the U.S.
      Agreed re the Kops and Stooges.

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