8 comments on “CLOSED

    • Smaller businesses often referred to as “mom and pop” are
      being pushed out by large volume competitors like Malls,
      Walmart and online shopping.
      Kind of funny though I hear people rail against WM and yet
      shop there – all about saving a buck and that’s understandable
      on multiple levels.

      • True enough. I always search for the best price. People have to. But I also keep in mind, that when there is no more competition, the big box stores will be able to set any price they want, and we won’t have another choice. Who knows? The big problem won’t only be the price but the selection. We will only be able to buy what they choose to sell. The thought of that scares me.

      • I agree and also feel as though the affects of climate change
        related to dwindling resources and increased demand will lead
        to skyrocketing prices – save your seeds and keep planting.

      • We save every bit of seeds as we can. I think we are going to have to use uv mesh over the entire garden next year. Too many crops were burned by the sun last year.

      • Trump’s climate change position can be likened to
        Sherman’s scorched earth policy during the Civil
        War in this country – fortunately many states are
        saying they will go it alone and other countries
        like France have said they will contribute funds to
        that end – which if the Trumpkins had a lick of sense
        would understand such contributions could be likened
        to their country becoming a welfare state rather than
        the banana republic it’s becoming.
        There needs to be a national policy but that won’t
        occur under a Republican controlled government – it
        might offend their corporate handlers and the campaign
        “donations” well dry up.

      • I am reminded of when I blogged politics at one site (about ten years ago) and everyone was talking about climate change and the melting of the northwest passage. I said there was no way they would do anything to stop it because the melting of that passage would be nothing short of a miracle for big business. A trade root to die for!

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