12 comments on “SUMMER SNACKS

      • The next years garden is being planned at about the
        same time the old one ends, usually with new additions.
        I like winter but it comes with it’s own challenges
        and by the time springs rolls around everyone is ready
        for the change.
        As the ice caps melt and science says the Earth’s magnetic
        field is exhibiting characteristics that lend themselves
        to it flipping you may wind up in a more temperate zone
        and become a banana plantation owner.

      • My grandmother always told us it would tilt when we were young and I was in constant fear of a huge title wave. Seriously. She would say all the useless people would be washed away and if we were good, and useful, we would survive it. I had nightmares about it! 🙂
        She was way ahead of her time Probably all the odd society groups she belonged to. I have been reading them from time to time. Some of them are a little far out, but some are so interesting, so I try to write out what I want to remember before getting rid of them.
        Bad as it sounds, I could handle a change in climate here. I know that sounds greedy. 🙂

      • Magnetic field shifts have occurred in the past and there
        isn’t any reason to believe they won’t again – but not
        something to live in fear of or agonize over on a daily
        basis – better as I say to just live life like you mean it.
        The internet is populated with doom and gloom soothsayers,
        at times there seems to be a competitive element as to who
        paints the gloomiest picture – a lot of alleged prophecies
        that may have some basis in fact but seldom quoted in the
        original form – add a little here add a little there as they
        pass through various internet iterations and they’d have you
        believe it could all end as you sleep.
        Your grandmother sounds as though she may well have been ahead
        of her time – but it’s also interesting to note that such scenarios
        are usually accompanied by what could be referred to as a “cleansing”
        effect – only the good survive.
        Such scenarios exist in every culture even among the nations.
        I’ve always thought of the Hopi as the spiritual gatekeepers of
        the nations, which isn’t to minimalize any other nation, just my
        personal opinion – you might find it interesting if so inclined
        to read their related prophecies – if so avoid new age sites.

  1. Ha! I was doing the dishes and remembered I typed title wave. Tidal. So I rushed to finish up and tell you to excuse the typo. That is how tired I am this week!
    I grew out of the fear when I began educating myself about things. She had several books on the Hopi, I may have them still. One on the Hunza that looks good too. Supposed to be the healthies people on earth.

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