1. I have to agree with you 100%, I have always had to think outside the box for things that I wanted. Just by getting up off your butt and looking can save you plenty for cheese and crackers, with a nice red wine please.

    • I think the things that don’t come easy, aren’t delivered on a silver platter, tend to
      have a greater value and we appreciate them more.
      Thinking outside the box can be a good thing.

      • Since the 70’s I had a ‘Question Authority’ attitude, it didn’t work sometimes, but it got me out of the box, quick. “Just who are these people telling me what to do,and what I need ” Most often I thought it was “the propaganda machine”. I never did “conform”. I am as close to normal as I want to be…Damn I’m getting deep today

      • Important to ask questions, even the hard ones a growing number seem
        allergic to – there are those who go on and on about patriotism and
        being a patriot, I think it a duty of “patriots” to question and
        conformity shouldn’t translate to being another brick in the wall.

    • Yup, and a song/video I like – “teacher leave those kids alone”
      Too many of the nations children were not only stolen from us
      and sent to “boarding schools” but the intent was to make them
      bricks in the wall.
      And while having little education myself (finished the 7th grade)
      I am a believer and advocate for education – preferably long the
      lines of Lame Deer College etal.

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