9 comments on “HDR REVISITED

  1. Pat yourself on the back..I’ll give you an ‘attaboy’. I will do a HDR of a little something from our wall on the house (exterior) have to wait for the sun in the morning

    • Places like this are on the favored list, fortunately at least for the time
      being there are multiples.
      Camped in this very spot on more than one occasion and fell asleep gazing
      at the stars while listening to the water.

  2. Just about any self respecting editing program comes with the ability
    to create HDR photographs – there are even a few stand alones for
    that express purpose but ultimately it comes down to what a person
    likes and is comfortable with.
    For those who haven’t tried true HDR rather than a one click preset
    they should give it a go – might take an attempt or two to get the hang
    of it but well worth the effort.
    Remember if you don’t like your initial result all you have to do is
    delete the image – no wasted film.

    • The A7 is a fine camera, I’m kind of on the scout for one of Sony’s
      full frames – figure sooner or later I’ll run across one I can barter
      some work or something else for – kind of the norm for my acquisitions
      and not complaining as I’ve been pretty lucky at it.
      I’ve used Sony’s HDR and pleasantly surprised by it – the photos you
      submitted are well executed.
      I’m curious if you shoot RAW? Huge amount of info collected when doing
      so whether cropped sensor or full frame.

  3. I’m a bit of a nature freak..I grew up in Scouting and carried it on till I was 19 or 20. I loved it..I raised my boys (2) with the same values..it is the land, it will provide for you..learn and be respectful of it’s bounty. Haven’t done it in a few years, but I have cooked bacon and eggs over open fire in a paper bag! Still to this day, never leave a camping site without firewood for the next guy.

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