2 comments on “TAMRON ADAPTALL

  1. It looks as though you like this lens. I’ve often had some similar feelings toward 3rd party brands. Although I cannot afford the thousands that some people can, I’m quite happy with finding the ‘little jewels’ in older not so expensive lenses. My Tokina 90mm falls into that category, it’s value far exceeds what I paid for it. As for your opinion… well that’s what I sought from you in the very beginning. The Meyer is working out beautifully ( I did send you my Christmas shot didn’t I?)
    The calendars are changing…I’m sure Donald won’t
    Stay Well

    • The Tokina 90 is a fine lens as is the 300mm ATX – at f2.8 it’s fast enough for anything I want to do – heavy by today’s plastic standard but great glass.
      Can be a little pricey depending on who and where but deals can be found if you root around a little.
      Glad you like the Meyer, doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.
      As to sent photos I received one via email of your family sit down – is that the one?
      As to Trump the national erosion continues.

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