2 comments on “A PART OF HISTORY

  1. In ’66-’68, I traveled from Toronto to Miami Fla with my parents in a Volkswagon Bug, 2 adults 2 kids. On the way down we stopped at a restaurant. On the glass door was a piece of paper taped to it. It said “All proceeds from N****r sales will be donated to the Klu Klux Klan”. I asked my father what the sign meant, his reply- “It means we find another place to eat”. That was my first lesson on equality I think.

    • Societal norms seem always to be about extremes,case in point it has come to be all aboutrevising,denying, or ignoring history.
      Like removing Confederate statues and striking words from books – I am opposed to that, let it all stand as reminders, visual lessons if you will.
      I want nothing forgotten good, bad, or indifferent among my own people, what was done to us or what we did to others and could give a damn if that’s considered “politically correct” or not.

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