5 comments on “THE TRADE

  1. As to the a7r111 my personal opinion is no one makes a better mirrorless,
    I’m sure some will disagree but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • Just one of those deals I kinda fell into re the a7r111 – if you mean the “accordion” had I of known I have boxed it up and sent it to you.

      • No not meaning the accordian.. the A7rIII. It sounds like you had n easter find of your own. I my self would like to get into the A7III, will likely settle for the A7II. I meant to ask you long ago, would you like to try any of my lenses? I have no trouble packing and sending out.

      • Any of the a7’s are stellar cameras, in the main it’s sensor size but I’m sure you know
        Maybe a burnt offering to the photography gods as a friend suggested to me re the a7r111 would bring one your way.
        The a9 is a fine camera as well.

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