1. I suspect the only true birthright of humanity is death. Anything else is a construct of society in an attempt to build an ideal.

    If respect were a law it would be abused, usurped, broken, and ignored. In our current structure.

    Equal Rights wasn’t followed from the day it was implemented, and only now are we beginning to catch up to the ideals this nation was founded on because we are fed up of how it was.

    What has truly altered actions is a change of perceptions. Men seeing things from a woman’s perspective have done more than any words on paper.

    We are not walking the mile another has walked, but instead listened to their tale of it.

    Anytime a severe imbalance shifts to correction there will be upheavals. That is what we are seeing now, bigotry fighting to survive.

    • We live in a highly constructed world from
      politics to most things which should lead
      people to a simplification, a return as much
      as possible to the basics.
      Like what you said and agree with the exception that I believe there are certain
      inherent birthrights that have been wrested
      away while those remaining are marginalized
      and under attack.

      • I think that a huge part of humans living a contented life is fighting for the good things. I think it has always been that way, and if we expect anything in life to be automatically given we stop fighting for it.

        But it is possible that I have lived so exclusively in an environment where nothing is sacred that I can no longer recognize what is inherent.

      • I tend to think it is about what each generation is born into as the norm
        the thought then becomes this must be the way of things and a level of acceptance
        is the result, which goes to the environment you mention.

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