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    • I get a tremendous amount of spam Corey- fortunately WP is very adept at
      handling it. Considering some of the topics I address and the way I go about
      it I get my share of sell out and shut the hell up also-none of which makes
      much of an impression on me.
      Had attempts to take down my pc, past email adds winding up in the hands
      of non friends and so on-my approach now is a little commonsense.
      I don’t know why you would want to be added to the blog unless you have
      a site or blog of your own-and I’m assuming by add you mean in the list
      of recommended sites to visit.
      If that isn’t what you mean then you have the same access to post a
      comment as does any other without being “added”.
      If you have a site and are a fellow advocate then post a comment in one
      of the blogs and a link.

  1. “Hi Rezinate, I think Cory is asking for what I am interested in. The option to leave a comment or reply on your blog posts. Although I am logged into WordPress, I am unable to see any reply option on your most recent post. I am interested in asking a question. – CopperJet”

    Must be a problem on your end CJ , as you can see others are able to comment without any problems.
    Other than that I don’t have a clue and apologize for any inconvenience.
    I do know you don’t have to have a WP account to comment-so perhaps if you log out
    and pull the blog from elsewhere that might work.

  2. If you ever need any research done, please let me know. It is what I do all day and I really support what you are doing here. 🙂 Miss Annie was my hero growing up.. Weren’t many Natives but my family, in Missouri where I grew up. Miss Annie gave me a hero like me.:-)

    • Nicole-when any comment is made prior to approval it shows an email address-I took the
      liberty of emailing you at the address shown and it was returned as no such account-probably
      a glitch, but I’m responding in this manner now so you won’t think I ignored your offer or don’t
      appreciate it.

  3. Nativeamericannetroots .com has an individual who posts as Ojibwa. There was no email address available to dialogue on the topic of the post. Would appreciate your thoughts. Googled Ojibwa and found my way here.

    • Poison seems to be the go to in a lot of cases -jackrabbits, wolves, coyotes, etc.
      Wolves numbers decline precipitously, they become “protected”, money is thrown at
      the problem to bring them back, and once reestablished hunting permits are issued.
      Jackrabbits certainly are edible, a little rangy depending on age, but nonetheless
      food on the table.
      These sorts of things speak in a way to that Christian ethic of dominion over all
      things to me – but it strikes me as cherry picking when you consider the admonishment
      to be good stewards.
      That may seem a stretch to some but dominion was part and parcel of the colonization
      effort that was promoted by papal bulls and the doctrine of Manifest Destiny replete
      with religious connotations.
      If some well know chef came up with a jackrabbit offering presenting it as haute cuisine
      the dynamic would probably change – maybe McDonalds could include the meat in their
      infamous pink slime.
      Serving the environment/ecology doesn’t necessarily translate to high priced “organic
      meat” – how much more green could something be than jackrabbit stew? Talk about free range.

  4. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FL-HomeEducation-Law/info

    This group has become invitation only due to…well you can probably guess why. I never did unsubscribe when my youngest son entered college. The group “owner” has adult children, as well. Mostly the group has become inactive, like me, but there are some very good files, such as files about becoming a private school. So it wouldn’t hurt to click “subscribe” and see what happens. Below are a couple of sites listed on the law group that I copy pasted. I recommend that anyone who is going to be homeschooling read John Holts books, especially HOW CHILDREN LEARN. Other folk have other ideas, but essentially he says that EVERYTHING EVERYTDAY ALL THE TIME IS SCHOOL. CHILDREN NEVER STOP LEARNING. Parent’s are always teaching, even when they are absent. That lesson is difficult for some parents to absorb. Those parents might be happier with a standardized public education. In my own case, I had no support or encouragement from my family, including my husband. It was very difficult. Some were jealous, some just resistant to anything different, some outright ugly and hostile. But my youngest is now in college, and (knock on wood) is doing well.

    Alliance for Intellectual Freedom in Education
    A network of individuals whose common objective is to eliminate governmental interference in education, particularly home education, by raising awareness of the unalienable rights of conscience of all parents to raise and educate their children as they see fit.

    Origins of Homeschooling
    John Holt and the Origins of Contemporary Homeschooling by Patrick Farenga

    The above are old links, perhaps even 10yrs old, maybe degraded or no good by now. Or maybe still good. I have been part of the Law List for about 13 years. I withdrew my child from public school 15 years ago. He is 21 now.

    Below is address of an email group that is active. It is geared towards Florida, but most of the information and resources are national. The majority of the members, but not all use curriculums. I created my own, as my child was too unique to fit any molds 🙂 . If the link isn’t a link, copy paste into browser or Google Florida LIFE + homeschool. There is probably a links page that you can scan for info. that might be useful. There is also a page, that if you subscribe as an educator, you can print (if you have a printer) a “membership” card for certain school related discounts. This may be Florida only, but something similar could be negotiated with retailers to which you have access, if only through the internet. Barnes and Noble is the only one I ever took advantage of, “cause I got a gift certificate for Christmas one year. Stores, state education departments, feds, everybody like to see logos. :-/ goofy, and really silly, but they like it, cause it looks official. Everybody seems to like official. So make a logo, choose a name, start an email list (yahoo groups is easy) and print some copy paper with logo at the top, then call that official stationary, and you are started. Or someone who has the time available and the will power to stick with it…. not always so easy with so many others putting down everything that anyone says and bad-mouthing behind backs. But, probably people with access to computers, maybe not so far from you, are hunting for something to latch onto, to lend support to their own endeavors.

    People with young children, 4,5,6, are usually the most interested. Partly because they, themselves are pretty young, and still have some energy and are not so beaten down. I was an odd-ball everywhere. I was 45 when my youngest was born. When bright, accelerated kids are a little older, college classes can be matriculated so that kids can have dual enrollment. If they are still middle or high school age, and enrolled in a “private” school, state run universities or junior colleges won’t charge tuition … in Florida and kids can start accumulating college credits early. I don’t know what or how residency laws work anywhere else. Some universities offer grades one through twelve via computer correspondence. That is towards a regular public school diploma rather than GED. Personally I like GED just fine. 4 years squished into a few months? What’s not to like?

    By the way, in my (not always so humble) opinion:

    If you are teaching your language to anyone, including your children, YOU ARE AN EDUCATOR. If you are teaching carpentry skills to youngsters YOU ARE AN EDUCATOR. If you are teaching someone how to cook — that is chemistry. How to care for their animals is biology and genetics. Most people know a lot more than they realize, just not how to put it all together.

    I am not a lawyer or anything else, but I have had to argue a lot 😀


    P.S. I know some horror stories, encountered in my own life, and through others, of devils disguised as tutors, and teachers, and parents and family. Nasty, wicked beings. Also Angels, disguised as teachers, and tutors, and parents and family. Sometimes both are the same person.

    Dear Son #2 jumped out of school windows more than once when he was 14, Dear Son #3 played hookey quite a bit when he was 12. Dear Oldest and Dear Youngest Sons are entirely different and unique stories. My youngest brother, that I grew up with, tried to burn up his school when he was 12, he quit school at 14, joined the Marines at 17. The half-brother I did NOT grow up with figured out some kind of chemical thing that he poured down the drains in a multi-storied school in Huntsville, Alabama, and blew up the plumbing, when he was 12, he committed an armed robbery and was permanently expelled at (?) 15 or 16. It helped that both of HIS parents worked for NASA. Of course each of my brothers and sons were all more complicated than that.

    Also, when I get it written, I will tell about my sister.

    Thank you for all that you have done.

    • Lot of good information here and will check out the links – sounds
      as though as a parent you had your hands full at times and also
      with siblings as well.
      They say if something doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger, may be
      some truth in that depending on the event.
      Interesting approach to being an educator but I suspect the counter
      would always be accreditation.
      GED’s are a viable way to go for many, at least in a paper world you
      have a piece of paper in hand – I understand some colleges allow credits
      for “life experience” though I don’t know what they would be.

      • Equivalent experience is acceptable in some professions, or paraprofessional professions. In the school setting, exemption tests are used, or in some cases writing up the experiencef with references and proof of accomplishments. If mere say-so is enough, I would not count are learning much from them, nor value a “degree”. Those are the fake schools that sell paper, not knowledge or skills.

        I have equivalent experience, but the agencies (don’t you hate that word?) I worked for no longer even exist, And people I would ask to be references are deceased. When I entered university at 17 (just a trick of birthdays) I exempted a bunch of classes. Now almost 50 years later, I would have to start over at the beginning. Some credits are still accepted, others are not. Exceptions are not.

        Here is a funny example of, well of something. I taught a 36 hr training class to my volunteers in the fieldof child abuse and neglect prevention. This included child care and an overview of how to access services and causes of problems … the dept. of education decided that in our rural county that teacher aides and pre-school teachers and workers could take my class instead of driving, at night, to another county where the official class for their licensing was held. I was not consulted or informed. I just had a dozen extra people show up. As I had personally recruited and screened, including police screening, all of “my” volunteers, I didn’t know who these people were. So I hadda findout. Well, sometime later, I decided I needed, or my bills decided, I needed more income (I was not paid any $$ to teach that class) but I discovered I was not qualified to work in a pre-school in the capacity my students did, because I did not take my own class. I taught it. I didn’t take it. Creator likes for me to be happy. Hahahaha!

        I cooked in a large sea-food restaurant instead. What I learned there, and the small, but significant improvements in working conditions I was able to implement helped qualify me for something else.

        After working as an aide for an independent living agency I was promoted to a re-hab position on the bases of equivalent experience. All the independent living social workers had degrees. I did not. My job was to evaluate then find and or create paying jobs for blind multiply handicapped persons who had bombed out in the regular division of blind services re-hab programs. Then I was to train clients in those jobs and make sure all the peripheral stuff, like housing and transportation, hygiene, clothing, medical services were in place and the employer was happy, and any adaptions needed in the work place were taken care of, then I could close the case, and move on, The woman who had that crazy job before me was Seneca/Mohawk, her (only) son was in a terrible motorcycle accident (he was police motorcycle) his face was crushed. Re-construction did not put in drains for his sinuses. You can imagine to agony. His Mother was caring for him and trying to do this crazy job, Her blood pressure went up, and stealing an half hour here or there to talk with me was not enough, she had a stroke.

        Anyway, I was able to do behind the scenes stuff. I didn’t feel like I knew enough about how certain adaptions in those born blind, evolve, so I went to libraries … and there I saw someone I knew as a Muscogee Wisdom Keeper, not a muckity muck with state rehab. He was doing what I was doing … research about certain disabilities. We became quite good friends and as division of blind services was under department of education, department of rehabilitation didn’t have anything to do with blind people. I was able to create, services, through this person, for blind folk on the Seminole rez. and other indiginious people who were, at that time, excluded from services. The people I worked with were exclusively referral that were already in the system.

        Glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy were the examples of conditions that were not being addressed by div.of blind services. Because the blind service muckity mucks liked me … I was allowed to peruse certain state stats, and found not one (NOT EVEN ONE) indigenous person receiving services. ^&%*%$^#$@W!!! Well that needed to be fixed.

        Of course there was some hell to pay. IRS came after the rehab liaison and garnished wages (in his case salary) for not paying sales tax for stuff he sold at pow wows. He was actually selling for many other people who weren’t healthy enough to be there …, and as many gatherings are not on federally approved acreage, taxes were supposed to be paid…. I guess.

        Creator knew what he was doing after all, putting me to work in the restaurant. Blind indigenous people, not only Seminoles, are receiving rehab services in Florida … or they were when I was pregnant with youngest son and could not do CrazyJob anymore. Also undiagnosed MS was creating havoc in my well-being … and other … stuff. But that is the sort of thing that counts as equivalent experience. I was put on several liason committees and this and that, My agency paid for me to take some university courses in geriatrics … I was one class away from certificate in geriatrics at FSU (yes .. ugly logo Sammy Seminole) when I had to just stop. All of it. I ran out of steam. They kept saying stay stay don’t quit … but I could not do any more. I had found and/or created jobs and trained my clients in those jobs, they were all working, they all were OK … my “equivalent experience” had been used. I had done my little behind the scenes bit.

        It used to be, and probably still is, that for every equivalent experience credit hour awarded, full tuition must still be paid for the equivalent class or credit hours. It was (is?) a money making gimmick, as far as I can tell. And all experience, no matter what it is, is useful, even without a piece of paper, though we can’t always anticipate the particulars of how it will be useful.

        School of Hard Knocks doesn’t hand out anything free. That school cuts out your heart as payment.

        Thank you for all that you have done.

        PS All parents have their hands full. When I was pregnant with Dear Son #2 I was worried about how I could do anymore, as my sister was already with me and Mother was with me much of the time, too. I couldn’t trust either one of ’em so I couldn’t let my little boy out of my sight … anyway Mother said “Don’t worry. One child takes all of your time, right? How can two take up any more?” She was right.

      • Well, as a people we’ve always been viewed as expendable so
        we’re last on the list when it comes to things like this re the
        There are areas on several reservations without electricity
        or running water – not vacant areas, but areas where people
        IHS contracts doctors, and unless they are of like mind with
        someone like Tom Dooley, Albert Schweitzer, or one of our
        own you kind of have to wonder if they couldn’t make it in
        private practice.
        And like HMOs IHS is about counting beans.
        Took a while to respond as we were saddened to hear you suffer
        from MS, and no sooner had I approved this comment than I had to
        go help some people I know who lost their power, had to hunt down
        some faulty wiring and fix it – but you sound like a fighter and some
        times that is what it takes.
        Who else would deny credit to a person who teaches a class
        other than an “agency” for not having taken the class?
        Some times you have to be compensated – it puts food on the table,
        but a person should volunteer as much they can – doing so feeds a
        multitude of people.

    You cannot
    See me
    Your eyes
    That shift
    And turn
    Your own
    When you
    For love
    You find
    Your own
    In vinegar
    Bear … 02.06.2015

  6. These are meant to be read facing outward, away from yourself…. towards OTHERS
    Those others who are killing their own souls with cold heartedness and unspeakable acts. They are half dead already because they don’t even know what they’re doing, in their own families, and in the larger world. I am too angry sometimes to speak plainly … so I dance around the fringes around the edge, where I have always lived. It is how I speak.

    • Speaking of books and writing you should compile your poetry and
      stories to offer as an ebook – have a friend who has decided to
      pursue a writing career (science fiction) and after a lot of research
      and evaluating he’s arrived at the conclusion ebooks are the way to
      go – at least initially.

      • Thank you.

        That is probably a very good idea.


        Do you purchase and read e-books? I don’t. And I am guilty of spending my food money on books. Perhaps I am just behind the times.

        Sci Fi on e-books seems appropriate, even though I am still so old-fashioned I like to read that genre’ on hard copies, too.

        As for poetry, I can read only one or a few poems at the time. It takes me a little while to digest them. Some stuff, especially the Smile And The World Smiles With You Feel Good Sweetness And Light I can skim through some of those are really saying “Please tell me it’s going to be OK, I said it to you, now you say it me…. and some, well I’m just not a nice enough person to think butterflies and flowers all the time. But others I have to feel and sometimes look up words to see if there is a meaning that I am missing. I love it when there are several ways to interpret poetry or songs … as if the authors heart is speaking only to someone who can truly hear, not just organizing a bunch of words for reader busy work. Busy work = what is done in public schools to take up time.

        Good fortune to your friend’s career. That is wonderful that he is far enough along with his writing to be evaluating the best ways to publish. That is excellent!! WOW an entire Sci Fi novel 😀 Soon to be published 😀 That will be cause for celebration 😀

        And thank YOU for the encouragement.

        Please tell Grandfather that Cardinals are already building nests here. And the little buds of spring growth are showing under the skin of the bushes and trees. Sweet promises of Spring.
        Thank you for all that you have done
        ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

      • I don’t read ebooks preferring the feel of a real book – but
        my friends research shows it may be the fastest growing
        form of publication and the numbers related to downloading
        are amazing.
        At .99, 2.99., or whatever per download it adds up quickly.

        Be a while before all but the hardiest of birds will put in
        an appearance here, but when they do it will be a concert of color
        and song – much like the hill and mountain sides that become
        a swath of color as though having fallen from Creators palette.
        My friend has sent me drafts of short stories he’s written, an
        exercise to keep them under three or ten thousand words, and they’re
        well written.
        What’s interesting is to some degree he hopes to flavor them with
        concepts of honoring the land – but he’s also said as he attempts to
        author a few as short stories he isn’t satisfied and feels compelled
        to make them full blown novels.

  7. I’m sorry, I just read a reply that you wrote. I don’t receive notice of replies to here. Dunno. Please don’t be sad for me, like everyone I have boo coos of things wrong with this old horse, my body, besides MS. Though I do, really really do appreciate the sympathy. Thank you. I am grateful. More grateful than I can say. But please please don’t be sad … MS has allowed me to try on, from the inside out, all sorts of ailments so that I know, from personal experience, what it is that people are talking about when they try to describe the hurts within their bodies. It’s easier when face to face, of course, but this … awareness with my body … is a gift. As with many “gifts” I wouild have rather not have it, I would much rather have something else … but I didn’t get to choose

    😀 Creator is poking me again … I am being reminded that I have received quite a few other GIFTS and I didn’t like them either. Hahahaha!

    He says I better stop complaining before I receive some more learning gifts. Hahahaha.

    I am sending gratitude on Blue Smoke. Thank you for all that you have done. Please convey hugs to anyone who would like to have a hug … please put your arms around those People. Your REAL arms, not figurative ones. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

    • Can’t help but admire your outlook and spirit – that making lemonade
      with lemons. The measure of person’s character is the manner in which
      they deal with adversity – some surrender and others stand and fight.
      Hugs are contagious and they routinely make the rounds here. From the’
      youngest to the oldest, kind of like playing tag, circular in motion
      and always returning to the point of origin – chain hugs, like chain
      letters, and none inclined to break the chain.
      Appreciate it.

      • My outlook is nothing special. It is easier to tolerate pain or adversity if you know that at some point it will ease off some. I tend to compare things to childbirth. We WOMEN know we can get through, even with complications, without anesthetics and without screaming (well some of us) because we know that one way or another it will get over with. A baby will be born, sooner or later, or we will die. There is an end is always in sight.

        With some hardship it appears that there will never be an end, no matter what. That sort of hardship is more difficult to bear. There is no life. There is no death. There is only an eternity of ugliness and pain and misery too heavy to bear. That is adversity. If one can remain kind and generous while suffering that terrible burden, that is a true Human Being.

        To me, the true measure of character is shown by how an ADULT treats his or her children and family and dependents. An ADULT shares with children and family and dependents without making them beg or feel unworthy or as if they are selfish. An ADULT makes it obvious that it is a source of pleasure to share with his or her children and family and dependents.

        That is my opinion, and the opinion of my four sons and my Little Sister. Two of my sons have wives who have this same opinion. My Little Sister’s husband is also a good hearted Adult.

        One son has a selfish wife, she is fond of things and status. Her birthday comes on a day that is difficult to remember. 😀 hahahaha

      • Funny thing about dates, I tend to lose track of them but can remember a measurement
        from a job I’ve done in the past.
        I agree about how a person treats children and family, but I’ve also heard the manner
        in which they treat animals also defines – I agree with that as well and would extrapolate
        it to include the manner in which they approach the land, whether they behave as though it
        is one great garbage disposal or something to tend.
        I’ve known selfish people and those who make a show of being otherwise with ulterior
        motives – which in a way may be an even greater selfishness – I make an effort to avoid both.
        Hardships and good times – night and day, one defines the other, and I think there is a
        profound insight in Kahlil Gibran’s words that the deeper sorrow carves into your being
        the more joy you may contain. Though I don’t believe he meant to imply you have to suffer
        to know joy.
        Modern society seems to define joy as material acquisitions, as though the next or
        latest toy will be nirvana, and while some things can bring a joy with them the best
        and simplest are often overlooked.

  8. Chronological dates ARE awkward. Similar feelings or events lump themselves together getting dates all out of order. If I try to make a time-line, so that I don’t confuse others, it won’t work. Some days months years are impossible. Too much happened, too many events occurred, too much was accomplished. It won’t all fit into such a small bit of time.

    Now too much needs to happen, and it still won’t fit into the available time. The result is that the (now) time is all full but nothing happens, nothing is accomplished or completed.

  9. .
    Those without voice
    Cry out within our hearts.
    Those who are hidden,
    Are within our awareness.
    Those who suffer,
    Are our kindest teachers.
    There are those of us who hear,
    But we do not listen.
    There are those of us
    Who look, but we do not see.
    There are those of us who know,
    But we allow fear to guide our actions.
    Bear … 02.15.2015

    Ascuns = Hidden

  10. Osaygo Rezinate—
    Ahneen Nikan. I am an old Ojibwe guy. Ten years ago I married an amazing Italian lady and moved to Italy and my long and relentless participation in the Indian Wars came to an end more or less and I ended up on the more reflective side. A few years ago a friend of mine quoted from one of your blog posts regarding AIM and i started reading your blog on a regular basis. Way back I used to travel around an try and get Rez members interested in computers and internet, an that was a hard day’s work. You are doing good work in my view and I wanted to call you out for it. I appreciate hearing from you and reading your righteous and straight up narrative on AIM and all the dark shadows it has cast. I wish more of our relations could put up narratives like this. You speak your mind and heart, you refer as you should back into the souls of our tribal elders and help people never forget precious Anna Mae Aquash….you are a voice from a world where there is to much silence, in particular in this digital medium. I once was well known for saying that the computer was/is the best tool in 500 years for us to talk to the world and to each other yet still lament that there remains so much silence as well as so many attacks on those few who decide to speak up, as you know…as an old timer I just wanted to take a moment and say mi-gwitch and let you know you never know who is listening, or reading as the case might be. I have been around the internet under various names from the beginning, after all these years yet there are so few voices and fewer still among those few who have anything to say about what is real. E-Words of course have their limits, even e-praise. I am a Keeper of sacred bundles, for many years now. The sacred truly struggles for a voice, for protection, in a muddy ocean of paranoia and confusion and interpretations…like the truth I suppose. Yet it lives on, its heart beating even in the dead world and from that space, that hope and that life I send you blessings and from that space as well we hold you in the sacred silence.

    • Being Ojibwae you may feel as I do that the AIM leadership
      has the equivalency of Mishi-zhigaag having drowned the people
      in the blood of their victims rather than water, the pimping
      of poverty, and the corruption of ceremonies – the accompanying
      stench of their presence has lingered for decades.
      You’re a long way from home but another reality is that home
      is where the heart is and a good woman always translates to a
      good place to be.
      The nations have entered the digital age what with computers,
      cell phones, and the like – doing so opens a lot of doors and
      can also create opportunities, so it goes with my position of
      adopting what will serve us and leaving the rest for others.
      All of history illustrates that assimilation leads to the loss
      of language, tradition, and culture – that is an “indian war”
      that must be waged now, regrettably there are are those among
      us who qualify as enemies.
      Appreciate your comments and feel free to weigh in when so
      inclined – be well. nae’ese

      “I once was well known for saying that the computer was/is the best tool
      in 500 years for us to talk to the world and to each other”
      Well said.

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