9 comments on “BLACK LIVES MATTER

  1. ” Cheryl next heard from the FBI three years later, just after the story of Ray’s murder broke and just before Looking Cloud went to trial. This time Agents Dan Cooper and Marc Vukelich were on the phone from Rapid City. They said they had an open investigation into Ray’s death and a grand jury was going to hear evidence on it the last week of April-coincidentally the anniversary of Ray’s murder, always an emotional time for Cheryl and her family. Cooper and Vukelich said they wanted to talk to Cheryl face-to-face and, according to her, promised that if they could get a good lead on Where Ray was buried, they would excavate his remains. Warily, she flew to Rapid City.
    “Those bastards lied to me!” She said. “There was no grand jury. They’ve done nothing, NOTH-thing, on the case that I can see. It was all just a ploy to get me out there, some kind of fishing expedition. They showed me pictures of some buildings that AIM had supposedly trashed at Wounded Knee. Had nothing to do with Ray. All I could tell was they wanted to show me how awful AIM was. Then they brought in this racist-ass assistant U.S attourney who made some foul remarks about Indians before saying he didn’t have any evidence that showed Ray was murdered. At least, Ray wasn’t murdered with premeditation, and premeditated murder is the only charge with no statue of limitations. It was an accident-was what he said. I said, “Well, how do you know it was an accident if you don’t have the body? If you dig it up, and there’s a bullet hole in the back of his skull, it was premeditated, right? They didn’t give a goddamn. They wouldn’t even commit to a cadaver-sniffing dog.” Unquiet Grave- Steve Hendricks Pgs-351-352
    And here’s another link for your Trimbach Hall of Fame:

    Cheryl Buswell
    Detroit 12 days ago

    Indeed, how frequently does the FBI close a case the prosecutor is close to solving? My personal experience with Martel (an ex-US prosecutor in South Dakota) and South Dakota FBI officials is that they are infected with “racial” bias and really are loathe to fully and thoroughly investigate injustice against Indian and Black people. Reminds me of all the Constitutional violations in Mississippi during efforts to register Black folk to vote and to dismantle segregation. And the way the FBI under Hoover dragged its feet when asked to do its job to protect civil rights workers is not unlike their behavior in these cases. In fact, our revered Viola Luizzo of Detroit was murdered by Alabama Klansmen with an FBI informant as accomplice.

    Is this same scenario what happened to my husband, Ray Robinson, jr.? Has the FBI, because of systemic racism and a desire to protect confidential informants involved in my husband’s murder, prevented further examination of Ray’s death? Who is Brandon Johnson and why did he do what he did? Did the FBI Director have a little talk with him? Who was the person who shot my husband and is he being protected by the powers that be and if so, why?

    –” I got to know some F.B.I agents as human beings doing their job and actually listened to some of the stories of F.B.I agents assigned to Pine Ridge who said, “you know when you think you’re going to be shot next and you have children you bust down doors and rough people up sometimes ’cause you think that’s the best way to make sure that you live one more day.” Paul De main

    • So just the mere mention that even Holder and DOJ recognize and admit AIM
      killed Ray was enough to bring you running in an attempt to divert attention.
      You’re nothing if not predictable.
      Fitzpatrick and Bulger – there’s a pair to draw to and both where they belong,
      behind bars like your boy Peltier. Guess you might have to give some grudging
      credit to the feds for busting one of their own.
      What’s next – you going to claim Fitzpatrick and Bulger had something to do with
      AIM’s Reign of Terror or that they killed Ray?
      I can’t count the number of times I’ve blogged about Ray and in doing so questioned
      why the feds didn’t bust some people like Bank$ and Chris Westerman, and I’ll
      continue to do exactly that and don’t much care who it resonates with or who
      it doesn’t.
      But the failure to act on behalf of the feds in no way mitigates the guilt/complicity
      of Bank$ and Westerman – nor your other boy Hill if he indeed was the shooter.
      How about it – you open to reactivating the investigation into Ray’s murder or for the
      CBC to create an investigative committee? How about a Grand Jury or special prosecutor,
      you up for that?
      Think Sharpton and Jackson ought to step up? Do you believe Ray’s life mattered?
      Didn’t you allude once that Ray could have been an informant?

    • No question things have become more than a little crazy
      and difficult to argue that Hoover didn’t see the fbi as
      his personal fiefdom – which is a good argument for term
      and appointment limits, as well as accountability.
      Law enforcement is like anything else, a mixed bag – good
      laws and bad laws, good cops and bad cops, good people
      and bad people.
      A part of addressing the present is the past, and that’s
      the reason for this particular blog – if decades old cases
      involving white racists can be pursued then decades old cases
      involving red racists should be as well, and no one can deny
      that AIM killed Perry Ray Robinson jr.
      The feds have acknowledged it as have AIMsters and AIM leaders.
      Black lives do matter, but if they loose control of the movement,
      which seems to be happening,it will become counterproductive just
      as it did with AIM.
      I’ve been in the streets and know it’s easy to get fired up, I also
      know there are people who want nothing more than that and will work
      to that end.
      There is a Constitutional right of free speech and freedom of assembly
      that at least in theory cannot and should not be abridged, and yet we
      all know that is no longer the case.
      What I know and think everyone understands if you get out and talk
      a lot of shit you’re going to attract attention – if you go on about
      killing people or cops that’s going to attract attention, start shooting
      and it’s coming back at you.
      There’s hardly a day goes by where you don’t hear of an unarmed person
      being killed by cops, or tased and gang beaten by them.
      It’s more than few bad apples it’s become systemic and law enforcement
      needs to police themselves before they point the finger at others.
      But I’d say the same applies to movements, if they fail to police
      themselves they aren’t part of the solution, they become part of the
      Respect is earned, it cannot be demanded.
      Maybe all this will lead to meaningful change, if that is to happen
      it is essential that reason and an honest dialogue takes place.

  2. I generally agree. Shooting random cops in retaliation is not the answer. Harsher consequences for law enforcement agents that commit crimes might help. Too many times officers that have committed crimes have gotten off with no consequence. This leads to anger, riots and violence. This goes for the Fed’s as well. If they are running operatives/provocateurs on the streets and they commit crimes then the FED that is handling them is responsible as well and should be held accountable. You say that , ” no one can deny that AIM killed Robinson.” But was there more to it? Was the shooter also an FBI operative? If so than his widow has a right to know and this might explain why there has been such a reluctance to pursue the case? Here’s another interesting article lifted from Kuzma’a FB page:

    • To begin with I don’t consider Breitbart or Fox to be the
      standard bearers of responsible journalism and both seriously
      lack integrity.
      On the other hand I think the opposite is true of The
      A little difficult for anyone to not be of the opinion that
      Hoover believed the FBI was his personal fiefdom – in the
      30’s I believe it was he even had the the room where SC
      justices discussed cases wiretapped.
      Not surprising when you consider Andrew Jackson defied an
      SC ruling in the 1820s and went ahead launching his personal
      “relocation” program, lending credence to the adage “all things
      old are new again”.
      Anyone empowered to administer the law from the cop on the beat
      to prosecutors and a judge in a robe must be held to a higher
      Those who fail to do so should be prosecuted and that’s the end
      of that – no unions to rush to their defense denying and obstructing
      the very pursuit of justice they’re supposed to represent – no
      courts or prosecutors turning a blind eye.
      The law is supposed to provide a standard of conduct – that should
      translate to a single standard for all – but then we all know it

      “You say that, no one can deny that AIM killed Robinson.” But was
      there more to it? Was the shooter also an FBI operative?”

      This is part of the AIM approved line and has about as much value
      since it exists only in the realm of speculation as if I were to say
      Were the murders of Williams and Coler something more and was Peltier
      an FBI operative?
      Neither has been established beyond Peltier murdered at least one
      agent and Ray was murdered by AIM , so in either case doubtful we’ll
      ever know.
      On the other hand you’re familiar with my contention that Dave Hill
      was an informant and since many believe he was Ray’s shooter that
      could gel with your speculation.
      The Freedom of Information Act in it’s fiftieth year leaves a lot
      to be desired, from the predictable redacting to claims of “national
      But if any agency or governmental department publicly admits they
      are using an outdated system and continue doing so then a host of
      valid questions arise that should be answered.
      The spate of shooting cops can only be referred to as a stupid and
      counterproductive act that diminishes well intentioned people
      within BLM – in the case of Dallas there were a great many civilians
      who could have been hit by a stray bullet, and a few were, apparently
      the shooter didn’t believe their lives mattered – takes a thug mentality
      to do that, not a martyr, or anything worthwhile.
      I believe cops of “color” were also killed and wounded. Cops who apparently
      had a good record.

  3. Good thing that everything that I post here gets CC’d to Ed Woods:

    After Drumpf’s speech the other night there should be more cause for concern. After proclaiming himself the ” law and order,” candidate and saying that ” he’s going to make all the communities safe again,” we all should be concerned about the real prospect of martial law and a police state. If we think that the FBI’s entrapment/sting operations and the NSA’s illegal spying is bad now contemplate how it would be under Drumpf? In this sense, violence towards innocent police officers will surely backfire. It’s just setting the stage for martial law and giving fascists like Drumpf the mandate to escalate it to this point. Hillary is not much better. Bill is the one that signed laws that lead to the mass incarceration of minority citizens. And Hillary, despite her claims, is essentially an elitist and a closet racist. Maybe not as blatant as Drumpf, but a racist nonetheless. What was that line of hers of, ” bringing them to heal,’ or something like that? BLM confronted both Hillary and Bill on the campaign trail. It seems like both campaign’s are modeling their policies after that other great fascist, Giuliani. He tried to ” make N.Y great again,” and what was his solution? It was to arrest all the scwedgie men, to beat, harass, and imprison the homeless, to crack down on ” petty crimes,” with harsher sentences. etc….So how did this end up? It resulted in a man from Haiti being sodomized by the N.Y.P.D with a billie club while bragging that it was now, ” Giuliani time.” Kind of like how Dick Wilson’s GOONS terrorized the traditional peoples of Pine Ridge with the FBI’s ammo, weapons, intelligence and green light. So are we ready for ” Drumpf time,” Hillary time,” or martial law? They already gave it a test run on the Occupy movement, if we all remember that.
    Make yourself at home.

    • Th political system is designed to facilitate the political system, and with rare exception I don’t have much respect for politicians, exceptions being someone like Sanders, Jill Stein, and Elizabeth Warren.
      Even so I’m troubled when Sanders or Warren endorse Clinton.
      The “pragmatist” would argue doing so is all about saving the republic from the evils of the opposition candidate, which translates to the lesser of two evils strategy and basically a contrivance in a situation featuring Hillary and Trump.
      If you accept this strategy an obligation exists to acknowledge there is a fear factor, and fear mongering as we know has always been an instrument of manipulation.
      Hillary has become more liberal, more progressive? BS, she’s doing what she has always done – saying what she believes will get her where she wants to be.
      She is the proverbial leopard incapable of changing her spots.
      I’m not inclined to jump on the martial law meme, though it is entirely possible in a country that has essentially abandoned the democratic principles it claims and like all countries prioritizes the perpetuation of the political status quo.
      Anything seen as a threat to this perpetuation will automatically be portrayed as radical, antithetical, and something to deal with employing rhetoric, manipulation, force, legislation, the violation of Constitutional rights and existing laws.
      But if such talk is viable there are a lot of influences to consider, among them the gun violence issue which can surely lend itself to that, and the gunning of cops.
      I’ve always said responsible gun owners need to step up and realistically engage in the discussion, and by that I don’t mean allowing their second amendment rights to be co opted by wannabe “patriots” strutting around in crowded places with assault rifles and low slung pistols like vigilantes doing what they perceive to be a personal “Minuteman” display.
      Shooting cops ultimately will only serve to make them even more edgy, and anytime anyone who has a gun, cop or not, feels edgy the odds for confrontation increase.
      This is the very situation that lends itself to an us against them mentality on both sides of the aisle.
      Last real Indians did a meandering disjointed opinion piece during the standoff at Burns – in his infinite hope to die last real indian wisdom the author asked and suggested that shared values existed between the nations and the occupiers and maybe we as people should be supportive.
      I took this for what I believe it was, a continuation of the LRI thing and an opportunity for Chase Iron Eyes to insert himself into a current event.
      In the midst of this CIE egregiously overlooked the fact that the Burns Paiute, who’s land it is, wanted the “patriots” off their land – he also ignored the fact that if indeed the land does belong to the Paiute then the occupiers represented little more than another wave of intruders.
      When it hit the fan said patriots and wannabe occupiers did what they most always do and ignored all the fiery rhetoric of they can have my gun when they pry it from my cold dead hands yada yada yada and surrendered.
      All the praying, citing of rights and bible verses, and displays amounted to nothing, and that’s what should be remembered – that talk is the cheapest of commodities and people would be well advised not to be enthralled by all of it.
      If you look at the history of societal altering movements two stand out in my mind,the civil rights movement and the one Ghandi led for independence in India.
      I cite those two and not Mandela of South Africa because both Ghandi and King were from the very beginning committed to non violence, and that commitment changed the face of the world.
      I give equal credit to Mandela in his later years when he embraced non violence and reconciliation, an approach in the reconciliation effort than was transcendent.
      Mandela didn’t seek retaliation, he wasn’t interested in extracting revenge, the proverbial pound of flesh, and understood that the future of his nation depended upon the very reconciliation he sought – that is visionary leadership.
      There is little if anything visionary in what’s going on in this country with most of it being predicated on theatrics and jostling for camera/airtime.
      Valid issues being co opted by thugs, poverty pimps, wannabe activists, and in some cases nothing more than common criminals.
      How that serves the greater purpose is beyond my understanding, and why I have also said movements need to police themselves.
      It isn’t karaoke or show time, it’s serious business and the clowns should put away their costumes.
      Drumpf is an absolute idiot, but the question should be asked how he has garnered the support he has? Is it merely the dumbing down and dissatisfaction of a segment of the population or something more, and if so how can that be addressed? More BS, more rhetoric or common sense and reason?
      What is the governments and the medias role in that. What is the role of the electorate?
      With Hillary it’s simply the “mystique” and the fact that she’s a woman, noting else matters. She’s a chameleon, a shape shifter, and people seem to be as hypnotized by that as bird frozen in place watching a cat stalk it and ready to pounce.
      The system is indeed rigged, but that has been allowed to happen as the result of being facilitated by party allegiance and buying into the “greater good” for “security” reasons of domestic spying and Kafkaesque secret courts, no knock warrants, and warrantless searches.
      It’s that Howard Beale rant of a frightened population pleading to at least be allowed to have their televisions and some semblance of a decent free life.
      Elections ultimately as it has turned out is the process of people either knowingly or unwittingly voting for and receiving what they deserve – vote for incompetence, the status quo, and the political machine and that’s exactly what you’ll get ……. and deserve.

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