7 comments on “TIRED

  1. Ya, we’re all exhausted, and they keep growing like a cancer… thanks REZINATE for holding firm and standing up to the bully/abusers…

    I saw the women blathering away, I see the men punishing and abusing, and their control of the SACRED causes heaven and earth to weep, not to mention the Wakines, the thunder beings blasting away

    What hurts is everyone rushing in and supporting their abuses and lies, celebrity and money seems to follow them all the days of their lives…

    All I can do, all anyone can do, is get up today and ask for guidance, ask for help from Creator, apologize for all the harm I may have caused, and see if I can have a good day, help life in some way…

    Get some rest, and blast away tomorrow…

    Take care

    • Hurt? , Wait until the pay to play and pray Disney Land and Casino pops up , you know where, with the likes of the Winona, Arvol, Anaya, frolicking around a turtle with big multiple heads of the mighty warriors. The Great Mystery is about to become the Unfathomed Mystery.

      yes, do what you can do , when you can do it, am thinking one of the important things is, some people can still see the difference between, being a lame duck and taking turns as a leader of geese. sooooo …. as you say, fall back in line for a little while, get some rest and another worthy one break the path for a while. Got a letter in the mail today addressed to Elivadeth Wade, progress shows up in the most peculiar ways sometimes 🙂

      • actually not a letter, a Allstate Insurance marketting offer … but eliva deth will have to pass on the eliva deal …. and send it back to where it came from

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