13 comments on “PLANET OF THE GOATS

  1. On the floor laughing!

    The little boy being knocked over by the baby goat is so cute.

    We make our traditional tents out of their black hair – hence call them ‘house of hair’.

    This blog is *ruining* my life. I need to sleep & get things done.

    Great title also Rezin. See you down the road in a bit…

    • Glad you got a laugh out of it – kind of half expected a PETA
      person to weigh in and take me to task though the blog is
      obviously tongue in cheek, and I do like goats, especially the
      kids who don’t seem to have a care in the world.
      I know a woman who cards and makes sweaters etc out of Malamute
      and Husky hair – does a really fine job.
      I’d be interested in seeing a goat hair tent, and appreciate
      the utilitarian approach all indigenous people have always taken.

      • Beit ash-sha’ar

        = house of hair

        Made from goat & sheep hair

        The goat hair is black

        The lighter sheep hair is mixed in

        Women weave the rectangular parts on looms & then stitch them together

        It rests on poles of wood (fig trees)

        No rain can get through

        Parts can be drawn up & down

        In summer it helps to shade/cool & in winter to keep warm

        There is a dividing part made of softer camel hair

        It fits about ten people

        There is no women or men’s part like Europeans etc. believe/write

        There is a public part & a private part

        The public part is to host guests

        When male strangers come the women go into the private part – that’s all (& it’s not *oppression* lol – it’s observation & wisdom re. how men can be…)

        Otherwise everybody goes in every part (family & *adopted* family)

        I’m breaking my Rezinate fast to say I didn’t get your comment above to my email. As before. I only saw it now whilst clearing my phone. Now I am wondering – could I have forgotten to tap the option to have comments sent? Lol. Probably. Trying that this time. So much more to say to you (about a post of yours on Ray Robinson… about your interaction w/ that person SB & more… ) but I am trying to get a lot done & so am forced to wean myself off the Rezinate elixer for a bit. Getting a bit addicted to the blog. If you like I can describe the looms the Beit ash-sh’ar (bayt sha’ar) are made on. Ground looms. Later – after I’ve gotten some things done prayed a little read a little slept a little dreamt a little…

        xxx Hayat

    • PS

      Please watch the videos linked here at http://www.thejahalin.org

      These Palestinian Bedouin are no longer living in our houses of hair (made from goat hair) because they were forced to live in shipping crates (on a trash dump) & lost almost all their animals (sheep & goats & horses) as they no longer have grazing land. In the films here (three separate ones) & the photos you will see that & also see even those shipping crate houses destroyed by the Occupier’s bulldozers (Occupying Apartheid State of Israel). You can also still see a few of our type of goats. You can connect w/ & assist the Jahalin through this website. And inshaallah I pray that more people will.

      This morning I recieved an email about The Palestinian Film Festival & North American Nakba* Tour opening here in CT on 19 Sep 2017. This is annual. Perhaps it will tour the whole country (?) & you can see it there. Otherwise you can look up which films they’re showing & watch them online or via dvd. (Public libraries can do a Request for Purchase & people can watch them for free. Perhaps have a showing to many).

      On opening night here a group of Native drummers are playing who call themselves Urban Thunder Native Drummers. (*clapping* & sound of riqq *rattling* from me – ulli ulli too). So it looks like a lovefest all around between our two people finally. (W/ the exception of one of your commenters who said she wants to attack anyone who criticises “Israel”).

      *Nakba = The Catastrophe & refers to what we call the mass murder & driving out of our people by armed Zionists. Israelis celebrate it as their “Independence”/founding of the State of Israel. People can search the Deir Yassin massacre for one example. The Jahalin were first driven out of their ancestral ancient semi-nomadic grazing lands in 1948 & then in 1967 Israelis illegally occupied the land they’d been driven to (in Jordan) & they are now (since the 1990s) driven out of that land by settlers. As you wrote “history repeating itself” (re. similarity to your people). Note that it is not about being Jewish. It’s about human rights; as some Jewish people – Israeli & round the World – are defenders of Palestinian human rights. This includes the lawyer for the Jahalin shown in one of the films here.

      xxx Hayat

    • Goats themself are something else but we don’t associate them
      with evil, and yes the “goat trauma” site is pure satire.
      I ran across it two or three years ago and crack up every time
      I visit it.
      People may recoil at the thought but I have some Mexican friends
      who make a sort of carne asada with goat meat and napoles (prickly
      pear strips) that is memorable.

      • I don’t know if I would be adventurous enough to try goat meat. I think it is time to try a prickly pear though. When you say memorable, is that a good or bad thing?

      • It was excellent – spicy, but that’s the way I like food.
        I’ve seen napoles sold in jars in stores, they haven’t
        much of a taste on their own and can be a little gelatinous
        like okra depending on how they are prepared.
        Not sure but napoles may be spelled with two a’s instead of
        an a and an o.
        Interesting side note is prickly pear has been used a medicinal
        for horses suspected of having worms and it works – the needles
        are of course removed first.

      • I have seen prickly pears somewhere in one of the markets in the city. The next time we are there, I will grab it.
        I love spicy food! I just made a batch of our salsa yesterday, for some reason our peppers weren’t as hot as they were last year. I will have to add some spice when I use it.
        Thanks for the info! I love learning more about natural remedies. We always choose natural as a first resort.

      • I imagine a person could find related recipes online though I’ve
        never looked for them.
        A day without salsa is like a day without sunshine.

      • I nearly killed someone once by serving the really hot food I make & love. They were from Northern Italy. I felt so terrible because they refused to let me make anything else for them. I was only 21 or 22 or 23 at the time. I never did that again. I love really hot food but I learned to make sure my guests do also before serving it to them.

        Would you like a recipe for our version of hot pepper sauce?

      • The gatherers are always receptive to recipes, the norm is when preparing something
        to make a spicy one and a toned downed one so it’s enjoyable for all.

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