6 comments on “CAN I GET AN AMEN?

  1. It always amazes me that people don’t clue in. They don’t need these men to be the gateway to heaven. Faith of any kind can be what some people need to get through life. Others chose alcohol, drugs…whatever. There might be a God of some kind, a higher being, but he/she/it is not working through these people.
    If they truly believed in God, they would not be taking advantage of people, they would not be taking their money but share it with the poor. There would be no hiding child abuse.
    So they spew on about things they do not believe in themselves.
    I say, time to cut out the middle man.

    • You’re exactly right on all counts and couldn’t agree
      more with your suggestion of cutting out the middle
      man ……. or grifters as I prefer to call them.

  2. Interesting that Graham talks about Trump being “a changed man” even as Trump has just recently floated the lie that it isn’t his voice in the tape about grabbing women – that after Trump had previously admitted they were.

  3. Graham and the other mislabeled “Evangelicals” do not represent the unfortunately silent majority of Christians in the U.S. A more accurate label would be “Post-Modern Pharisees” who are actually significantly contributing to the decline of the Christian Church.

    • I’ve come to believe in this climate of evangelical fervor
      that Christians have become their own worst enemy having
      surrendered the narrative to zealots and prosperity doctrine
      If this assessment is correct then this “silent majority”
      which looks suspiciously like the one Jerry Falwell made his
      millions off of need to man up and denounce the “Pharisees”
      in their midst.
      If indeed a “war on Christianity” is being waged I submit it
      is conducted by those you imply are a minority and facilitated
      by the consent of silence among the majority.
      I knew a man once who pastored a small independent country church
      who refused to accept any compensation and worked two jobs in
      addition to his pastoral obligations to support his family.
      When the collection was taken he would say those who were able
      to contribute were appreciated and those who had a need should
      take what they needed with no hesitancy as the core principle of
      the Christian community was communal and he meant every word he
      I embrace no worldly religion but believe this man lived his
      life in such a manner as to be compatible with the principles
      of what Christianity is purported to be and yet is not.
      “Post Modern Pharisees” – well said.

      • This man was one who best exemplifies a “follower” of Jesus Christ – a radical and revolutionary. Agreed, moderates in all religions, and governments, must speak up and defend, less they are complicit in their demise.

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