1. The so-called “warriors,” both women and men who are undoubtedly responsible for Anna Mae’s death are so afraid of the TRUTH that it means nothing but to act like our oppressors and use dishonesty, lies, innuendos, half-truths, etc. to make her death seem worthless which is what they are for covering up the TRUTH. All are accessories to her murder and all need to be held accountable. I thought these were brave and strong people yet they are weak, miserable, and poor excuses for Natives.

  2. And the issue facing the nations-the setting aside of traditional values
    and embracing the very ones so much time is spent railing against.
    The people need to have a voice of their own-not the ones who have
    promoted themselves as leaders and fueled a cultural genocide. I
    believe in the nations, and somewhere within them are voices whose
    sole concern is the welfare of their people that need to speak and be heard.
    These celebrities need to be banned-decades ago. Let them go and be
    among the non indigenous they denounce and yet have built their careers
    among and relied upon for air time, an audience, and financial gain.
    Too many good people suffering while they sit at their personal banquet.

  3. Maybe our old “AIMsters” can’t wait to get older, waiting for a possible prosecutorial reprieve to octogenarians, stating, ‘I don’t remember’. Theda Clark got away with it, as she frequented casinos, Altzhimers and all.

  4. This one isn’t going away as testimony opened other avenues of further prosecution…so much for these cowards braggin’ and acting wakan. Bet their phones are being tapped as we speak! Feds will go after these guilty ppl.

  5. And a long time coming Arlen-probably seeking spiritual advice from their
    resident guru Crow Dog or working behind the scenes to cut a deal. I’ve
    always believed somewhere in the higher ups someone has fed bits and pieces
    over the years to immunize themself-maybe I’m wrong about that but in
    viewing the history there’s been an inordinate amount of teflon.

    They might try that “help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” thing as well Anakis-
    Theda was found competent but stated she would invoke the new hoka hey-
    “I’ll take the fifth.”
    All this has been a great misery, a unfair burden, that has impacted the nations
    in ways both visible and unseen. Completely without justification, and for the
    benefit of the few at the expense of the many.
    I saw a movie not long ago titled Network-from the seventies I think-in it
    a character leads a rebellion of sorts when during his broadcast he implores
    people to stand up, go to their windows and shout into the street “I’m
    mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”-seems appropriate in
    this instance as well.
    No more lies, no more stories, no more self indulgent gas bags, no more
    injustice and abuse,no more poverty, no more dependency, no more show
    time from self anointed celebrities, no more manipulated factions and

  6. I think they must be panicing and questioning each other’s loyalty. The attention needs to stay on those whom are guilty as I see on Facebook that some of the supporters are not well informed about the outcome of the trial in Rapid City where what’shisname was found guilty. I think Peltier got cooked by their testimony as well which could be one reason for the AIM having targeted Anna Mae in the first place along with all the jealousy and dysfunction they couldn’t overcome within their group.

  7. Questioning and accusing each other has been their signature over
    the years, even to the point of shooting at each other and armed
    stare downs such as took place in Ajo.
    It has long been a mystery to me how any of them gained even
    a measure of credibility-but I guess that’s a testament to just
    making that shit up as they went along.
    I suspect you are right about wind chasing himself, and undoubtedly
    he is being given a second look by prosecutors-if so he will turn it into
    yet another podium for the litany of alleged abuses he claims-the upside
    could be another vehicle to add to the coffers and fuel the entities
    that support him. Job security in a manner of speaking.
    He’s not going anywhere, so ultimately what is more time added to the
    sentence? The “damage” would be to the myth created about him-a low
    level thug who is now promoted as a leader and some sort of quasi symbol
    representative of culture and tradition.
    His elevation, as well as those within the AIM leadership of that time speaks
    to a desperation on behalf of the people for present day icons, heroes-when
    in reality they need look no further than at those within the communities
    who struggle daily to lead an honorable life- the potential lays within each
    of them to do iconic things, to be heroes in the day to day. It isn’t about attention
    or acclaim, it is about good works and good deeds done.
    I won’t listen to a man who will boast of a good deed-but I will listen to
    those who have been the recipient in their telling of it. That is traditional-
    not every time you speak to plug some bs book you have authored and without
    fail mention it is in it’s whatever printing, or go on about movie performances,
    or membership in a “think tank”, which I personally find hilarious.
    AIM was, and is, a cataclysmic event that left a swath of destruction in it’s
    wake-all the lies and revisions will never alter the truth of that.

  8. Yup – you’re right about the facade some of these so-called Native heroes have managed to bilk these days, from foreigners and bleeding hearts across the world. They make their own prisons and their own b.s. It’s sad people will travel across the Atlantic to be in a an Inipi when the attention came from people who praised themselves with grandiosity and visions of stardom. Yes, the true heroes are the Common People who are honest, hardworking, intelligent, and truly humble; our modern day heroes who didn’t seek fame in dominant society. We’re born with the most awesome work ethic in the world or one of them at least and that should be recognized in our culture, not crybabies who pledge their allegiance to each other and who have a history of nothing before they took innocent lives and committed all types of felonies from hauling underaged girls across state lines for their own sick hunger and misguided mentalities. Yup, talk about taking advantage of impressionable children and trying to be “chiefs.” It’s a bunch of pot smokin’ bleary minded biz from what I witnessed back in the day as a young man witnessing what it was to be tradish…lol. Luckily amny of us never fell for it.

  9. To your credit that “back in the day” you didn’t fall for the party
    line, and some who did moved on.
    I see the beginnings of a struggle to create a cultural renaissance in an
    awareness to save the language-in doing so that will lead to other things.
    The obstacles to this I believe are the cultural vacuuming that is going
    on, and, for lack of better term, the cross pollination occurring due to that.
    An insidious encroachment of the new age ramblings as evidenced by
    people like Goodwill-Kindness who promotes himself as an indigenous “seer”,
    gives “readings”, past life regressions, and sells his wares at a place
    referred to as The Psychic Eye-or Russell’s penchant to allude that others
    have said he is Crazy Horse returned, in his dreams maybe. I wonder what
    nations traditions these are from?
    As if this isn’t obstacle enough the nations are to be burdened with
    the likes of the celebrities as well. Ultimately it begins and ends with
    the people-it is their responsibility to accept or reject-to have an awareness
    of, and define what is right and what is wrong within their communities.
    This cross pollination is a substitution of GMO’s that will lead to a
    sterilized, mutated version of everything that was, and ultimately I believe
    accelerate acculturation.
    The nations stand at the edge of a precipice-they can continue forward
    and suffer the consequences with devastating effects, or they can turn back
    and return to the security that too many in the past died in an attempt to insure.
    Take only what serves this end, just as we did with iron pots and pans,
    rifles and horses, fabric and other things, and leave the rest of it. To do
    so is a people’s movement-not an AIM, Means, Banks, or Peltier one-though
    they would probably love to lead the parade.
    I hear people go on about pan indian movements-what I think they miss is
    that it can be a movement that recognizes the culture and traditions of each
    nation while at the same time in the strength of numbers and unity fight
    for the common welfare of all.
    In that no one is obligated to accept the ways of another, only respect and
    defend them under that oft repeated phrase “we are all related”. If the one
    who voices such a phrase does so as something more than a cliche they must
    also realize and accept the responsibility it implies.

  10. For sure Rezinate, I’ve seen, heard of and witnessed people who have the mistaken/Hollywood version of what being native really means…I have met people who are “convenience Indians” who claim Native for jobs or for social “standing.” These are the dangerous types who belly up to the bar and try to fool the Native men and women and attempt to barter something in return for their fake/plastic kindness like a jump in the old sack or they attempt to stand out. True Natives can see right through these jerks. There’s nothing like hearing a Native woman or man speak their language at a conference and talk about our identity and where we are headed! That’s where the wannabees lose interest and smirk (they think) behind our backs. True movements are led by good, honest Natives not thrill seekers or emotionally unfit people like those mentioned above. Yup, when I say “Mitakuye Oyasin” as is in my emails – I truly mean it and any true Native can understand it while those who can’t relate will not. I think some of these guys and gals got caught up in the “fame” mode way back when and it led to their destruction and that of others who were innocent and honestly trying to make a difference.

  11. It is a good thing to hear the people speak here with the clear strong voice
    to say we are all related. We love the people we are born to but we love our
    many cousins in the other tribes to and know they are relatives.

  12. I know the type-in a forum not long ago that I don’t participate in
    I saw a somewhat heated response by an individual who was doing the
    Hollywood thing about my lodge etc. say that people could keep their
    donations-that in effect they weren’t needed and the nation he lays
    claim to could/would take care of itself.
    This individual doesn’t live on the rez or anywhere near it, being
    several states removed-in addition they are financially secure and
    preside over a farm/ranch of several hundred acres.
    My first thought was to think easy for you to say, then I became
    impressed with the absurdity of a person so out of touch to make
    such a statement.
    Donations while they fill a need and speak to the good heart
    of those who contribute create a secondary dependency that cannot
    really be counted upon, and in an obscure manner perpetuate the
    hostage situation the nations find themself in.
    Without them circumstances would be even more dire, as difficult to
    imagine as that is. The necessity of donations should serve as yet
    another impetus to achieve self reliance regardless of how much effort
    or sacrifice it requires.
    The individual who spoke these disconnected words should look into
    the eyes of “his” people and repeat them. He should say it to the
    elder or children who have the comfort of heat in the winter due to
    donations, or food on the table, that warm jacket or coat, glass in
    the window, electricity and running water-maybe that special treat
    of a toy or some cookies for a child.
    Dependency is like a hamster in the cage on an exercise wheel-
    he can run all day, change nothing, and never advance from the point
    he began. In the end he will gnaw on the bars that confine him and
    depend on another to provide the necessities.
    We are not hamsters-and the energy we expend should be directed at
    creating a way rather than gnawing on the bars of the cage that confines
    us, or looking at these celebrities with any expectation-they have their’s,
    and what they would share are words and their “wisdom”. Neither of which
    have any substance.
    These realities create conflicting emotions in me, a despair and an anger
    that I believe to be commonly held-but they also create determination, and
    I would hope that too is commonly held.
    Let the land owners, disconnected, and convenience ones speak as is their
    way, let them smirk if that is their way also, in the end it is as you say among
    the rank and file-we are a good people who bleed when we are cut, laugh
    when there is joy, and shed tears when we suffer just as all of humanity does.
    In that no one can deny we are all related.

  13. Well said Rezinate. From the northern, frozen shores of Alaska to the warmth of Florida to the southern tips of Chile to the western shores of California on up into Washington state and all up into Canada…we have so much to realize about OUR potential as One with Creator. This is the reality I speak of as I have witnessed for myself in many, many conversations with our Relatives. We must be determined to avert those ill-intentioned actions by those who falsely represent themselves as it is their greed and single-minded aura that perpetuates artificialities. Yes, our Elders must be listened to as well as the young and those in between as we all have something to contribute if our hearts and minds are truly in the right place. For those of us who have survived in dominant society and the rez we know 2 worlds and have walked in those 2 worlds and are the better for it with regard to knowing that it takes more than one person to overcome life’s challenges and to set goals that are good and just for our People of all of our Nations.

  14. “For those of us who have survived in dominant society and the rez we know
    2 worlds and have walked in those 2 worlds and are the better for it with regard
    to knowing that it takes more than one person to overcome life’s challenges and
    to set goals that are good and just for our People of all of our Nations.”

    Pretty much says it all I think. All life is based on experience, lessons learned,
    and the application of them. It is about awareness of circumstance, options, and
    the willingness to pursue worthy goals-remove that from the equation and little
    is left.

  15. “Murder is always a murder, no matter of it’s motives and circumstances.
    So therefore those who planning, preparing murder and who commit that crime – they are lawbreakers and malefactors .

    No matter WHO they are: kings, marshals, judges or common people.
    None of those, who deliberate and bring along violence and fear, none of them have right to consider himself someone better than common thug and criminal.

    Because it is well known that omnifarious (all kind of) violence brings nothing more than fear, suffering, injustice and inevitably leads to murder and law breaking.”

    “If we choose to see the Truth, no matter how painful – it’s bringing back our Freedom and connects us. It brings Justice and Forgiveness. Truth showing us best ways to be reunited.

    It is OUR right as a Nations to at least ask questions. Expect honest answers.
    OUR right is to see, hear, notice and have our doubts, to evaluate is it RIGHT or WRONG.Even IF we are making mistakes. Because WE shall not repeat ways which are WRONG. Because only then WE are free as a Nation. When we can ask about what is important for US.

    About every death and every event which causes OUR pain .
    NO matter how must Time will flow – Memory ALWAYS stays with us.

    So we must have right to ask, get answer and decide as WE what we consider RIGHT and WRONG, Truth or Lies. Not only because of national conscious Justice of Truth for families mourning their relatives,the Truth that will sets free all – spirits and living – but also for OUR life and safety/security in national, public and political ways WE choosing together for US and OUR Children.”

  16. “Murder is always a murder, no matter of it’s motives and circumstances.”

    I’m surprised those with involvement haven’t attempted to describe it
    as tradition-maybe they just haven’t thought of that as yet.

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